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01 September 2021
Marshmallow Biscuits
Marshmallow Biscuits
How are marshmallow biscuits produced? Find out the role of aeration and marshmallow processing in the production of marshmallow biscuits. Read more!
Product Machine Line
Dear members, I am trying to find one Automatic biscuit stick product machine line, and with the chocolate machine and the packing. I have already tried to find it in Japan because I think there are...
Which endless rotary moulder belt is best for a gluten free biscuit?
Can i ask from your experience which rotary moulder belt is the best to extract a gluten-free product? 
Hello Panda Carmel printer machine
Dear Support; I’m looking for provider for caramel printer machine working with cutting mould on Rotary cutter
Rotary moulder belt - conditioning methods
How do you all condition your rotary moulder belts? What do you find to be the most effective way? 
Sheeter biscuit Puffing
Hi I am adding a certain quantity of ammonium bicarbonate in sheeter biscuit of course it's a cracker type and make cream sandwich.  For achieving more puffing I need to add more ammonium bicarbonate...
How to avoid shape changing in crackers?
Sir, We are producing centre filled farmented bear shape crackers. After forming the dough piece shape is ok. But after oven crackers, the shape is changing. Crackers going to be larger in width and...
oven burners flame intensity
dear all, im a rnd engineer from a food manufactures in malaysia , we have a 3 tunnel ovens, 4 zones, first 2 zone using direct gas and the 3rd and 4th using convection.  we produces marie type biscu...
can you advice me shortbread production machinery supplier . but especially focus on shortbread..  thnks
Oil Spray and Lye Bath
Can anyone give me reference of oil spray and lye bath specialist suppliers for existing biscuit lines? I don’t need reference of the biscuit equipment manufacturer as many of them outsource it. 
What is the difference in between water soluble flavors and oil soluble flavours?
Hi Dear All Group Members . Please can you tell to me in biscuits production, when you selecting the flavours, what are the characteristics must need to check? What is the difference between water so...
Relative Humidity & temperature
Hi  Please some one can explain to me the following mentioned areas for biscuits and wafer production , ideal relative humidity and temperature. 1. Fremantation Area  2. Packing Room for Chocolate...
Rnd outsource
Hi , I'm looking for Rnd outsource , making low aw caramel or fruit jam filling . Application for wafers and biscuit 
I desire to purchase laboratory scale- biscuit manufacturing machine- rotary/ wire cut/ deposit type?
I desire to purchase laboratory scale- biscuit manufacturing machine- rotary/ wire cut/ deposit type?? Any suppliers/ equipment manufacturers for India???
Maximum % of lecithin amount in sandwich cream filling
What is the maximum amount of soy lecithin that is acceptable in a sandwich cream filling, without impacting cream fat crystallization?
How to calculate the biscuit dimension?
How to calculate the biscuit dimension (length, width & amp; depth ) when making a new biscuits rotary moulder/dice? Example - If after baking per piece biscuit Length is  40 mm, width - 40 mm &...
Scratch bottom on cookies on steel band
How we can avoid scratch bottom on cookies at startup of plant. Whenever I start production as oven band is not lubricate or more heated it catches the bottom at end of oven outlet I have to discard...
oven wire mesh cleaning methods
share ur experiences of cleaning oven wire mesh and too how much extent that method is effective on a product which is high in shortening/fat in recipe? what i experience is that method by heating and...
semisweet biscuits
Thanks Mr Auranzeb and Mrs BeyhanI kind of tried- SMS (upto as high as  0.1%) , addition of protease,sodium and ammonium bicarbonate etc. but not much of effect.How to modify gluten content?? I'm usin...
Biscuit Packing Machine
Which machines are the best packaging machines for biscuit packaging keeping in view the Less workers and machine automization. How much speed we can attain at Slug And pillow packs with good automat...
Food technologist
Dear People, we have in Turkmenistan an ongoing project for the production of bakery products and biscuits, and we need to hire concerned professionals, as a production manager and food technologist,...
Weight differences in the same lane of crackers
Good evening. I began to have differences of weight in the same lane of crackers coming from the third pair of gauge rolls. How can it be fixed?
Imperfection in shortbread cookies using rotary cookie machine
Hi Everyone,We recently bought a rotary moulder and started making shortbread cookies. We have several rollers and some are really forgiving and make great cookies with different recipies but the one...