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Asked on 15.05.2018.

semisweet biscuits

Thanks Mr Auranzeb and Mrs Beyhan
I kind of tried- SMS (upto as high as  0.1%) , addition of protease,sodium and ammonium bicarbonate etc. but not much of effect.
How to modify gluten content?? I'm using 11% protein flour.
Dough also gives problem in sheeting. Dough breaks while sheeting through roller. small crumbs???
Please suggest.

Answered on 15.05.2018.

you need to find out supplier of gluten who provides gluten to range of 7-9%. ideally for sheeter product high gluten flour range of 8 to 9% gluten content is good but too high gluten as you mentioned result in problems as you highlighted. you can try combination of two flours but for that both flours should be different gluten content i mean one should be of soft flour (low gluten). 

As for as dough is breaking in sheeter rolls you have to increase water content it seems you are adding less water in your mix. 11% gluten means your flour have less moisture contents as well. you have to increase water to different levels and check the results. reduce stay time in cutting section as well. Increase mixing time of last stage when you adding SMS for 2 to 3 mints and check the result.

share ur mixing sequence with time as well as your recipe?

Answered on 16.05.2018.

I think. you dont make right rheology of dough making.  yes the recipe is also important but mixing time and the elastisity of the final dough is important.  the final dough temperature must be over 40 C to get right machinable dough for sheeting etc..  ı think your dough is too hard so it is broken . it needs more water or more mixing time etc.. please add extra water and increase the mixing time to get the most softness of dough which will be sheeted well.   

Answered on 16.05.2018.

Dough is kind of hard. I added SMS after dissolving in water during intial stages in AOM. mising is done till dough acieves 40-42 degree celsius. But i m skeptical regarding increasing mixing time/ water content. already im adding too much water/ mixing time laready is around 15-20 min. Both will lead to further gluten development and hardened texture??

Answered on 16.05.2018.

Dear Anuj,

Please rearrage ur mixing sequence as follows in 3 steps and lets see the result:

Creaming add fat, sugar and other ingredients for 3 to 5 mints except flour and SMS 

Add Flour and give mixing 4-5 mints

Add SMS and give mixing to 10-12 mints see the dough condition 

Idea is not adding flour with the cream it is developing gluten structure and you are giving too much time of mixing to flour. See the results of this sequence and share the results it will certainly improve ur texture of product and sheets will not break in rolls. Don't add further water in ur dough.  

If possible take help of ur procurement team to find a vendor of flour with 7-9% gluten. 

also try combination of two flours.

Share the results on this forum.

Answered on 17.05.2018.

Dear Anuj and all other helping peoples,

to add more water is possible but not always the best solution.  At the end you need always the same humidity in the final product. More water means longer baking time. Longer  baking time  means higher costs because of higher energy costs and less production capacity per day.  With the addition of xylanases you can decrease the water absorption of the flour.  In my opinion it is not helpful, to dilute the flour with starch. You will change the quantity of gluten,  but not the quality. A combination of MBS and enzymes will be the best solution. MBS reacts very fast and no need  of a lot of water. At the beginning you can create with the right recipe and mixing process wonderful dough's, but there is the possibility, that the return dough is much harder and less extensible. MBS is chemical agent which brake down the disulfite bounds, but after a while the disulfite bounds  will developted again. At the stage enzymes are very useful! Enzymes works as long as substrate is available.  SternEnzym is selling good products like BK Quick & Easy. Enzymes are more expensive, needs more resting- time, but a cleaner labeling and more healthy product  is created!

Best regards!

Answered on 13.06.2018.

Hi Anuj,

A lower Gluten Strength can also be achieved by replacement of some of the Wheatflour with Starch (Wheatstarch or Cornflour).

This reduces the Gluten content & should be added as the same time as the Flour when mixing

Kind regards


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