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Asked on 27.06.2018.

Relative Humidity & temperature


Please some one can explain to me the following mentioned areas for biscuits and wafer production , ideal relative humidity and temperature.

1. Fremantation Area 

2. Packing Room for Chocolate Enrobed 

3. trolley work- marshmallow & Cream 

4. Normal Packaging Area - Biscuits 

5.   Normal Packaging Area - wafer .

And I need to know method of controlling temperature in the above mentioned ares.   

Answered on 29.06.2018.

Hi,plz note down the temperature for the followings i will send Relative humidity data later:

1. Fermentation Area  TEMPERATURE 33-35 C

2. Packing Room for Chocolate Enrobed TEMPERATURE 15-20 C

3. trolley work- marshmallow & Cream TEMPERATURE 20-25 C

4. Normal Packaging Area - Biscuits 25-27 C

5. Normal Packaging Area - wafer 25-27 C

For efficient control you can baricade the areas with acrylic sheet partitioning and can use good AHUs/HVAC system.

Answered on 01.07.2018.

Hi Rasika,

In terms of Chocolate, care should be taken on two fronts:-

(a) Fat Bloom - if the packing hall is above 20 Deg C you run the risk of melting & then reforming the wrong crystal structure

(b) Sugar Bloom - care should be taken to ensure the product isn't stored below the Dew Point (there are on line calculators - you'll need the moistures & temperatures to calculate) - this will then result in Sugar Bloom on the surface as it comes back out of solution from the condensate

Kind regards


Answered on 04.07.2018.

1. Fermentation Area  30 -33C ..78-80% rh

2. Packing Room for Chocolate Enrobing


3. trolley work- marshmallow & Cream 22-25 C

4. Normal Packaging Area - Biscuits 25 C ambient temp.

5. Normal Packaging Area - wafer 25C ambient temp..

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