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Asked on 22.08.2018.

Rotary moulder belt - conditioning methods

How do you all condition your rotary moulder belts? What do you find to be the most effective way? 

Accepted answer
Answered on 22.08.2018.

Hi Mike,

There are numerous belt suppliers,  Habasit, Ameraal  etc and the water mist method will work on any belt that I've tried in the last 20 + years.   Going back further, all the way back to the original endless extraction belts from a Company called Marathon Belting (Bray belts),  oil or oily doughs were used to condition the belts but this has not been necessary for many years.    Oil is messy and can take hours before your new belt is in a usable condition.     With water misting you are good to go in a couple of minutes and the belt will then naturally absorb oil from the dough during subsequent production.      It 'really is' that simple.

Answered on 22.08.2018.

Dear Mike

In my experience the conditioning of New Woven Belts is achieved by either Steam or Water applied uniformly across the belt, to avoid the belt 'tracking-off'

Thereafter the belt is conditioned during production by the moisture and fat/oil expressed from the dough during the extraction of the dough pieces from the moulding roll

This ensures that the life expectancy of the web is maximised

The application of a fat/flour mixture, or surface treatment with syrup, is in-appropriate, if only water is used

Best regards

George W Wright

International Food Processing Consultancy

Answered on 22.08.2018.

Hi Mike,

My preferred method is to rub the fat that is being used in the dough into the web - this will stop it drying out & keep it flexible. In some applications, the web passes through an oil bath as it is running.

The other consideration is when not in use to keep the belt tensioned as per when it is running - this will prevent any shrinkage

Hope this helps


Answered on 22.08.2018.
Hi Mike I agree with Mr Martin Ruck fat that is used in dough making is used for this purpose mostly. I also used this method.
Answered on 22.08.2018.

Use of fat or dough or any of the other concoctions I've heard of  for treating moulding webs have  long since been consigned to history.   Modern belts require only a very light mist of water to achieve perfect extraction .   A simple water bottle spray with the nozzle on misting setting applied evenly for several rotations will achieve a perfect result.

Care should be taken not to over wet the belt as this can lead to shrinkage. 

Anyone still using fat ,  try this it works.

Answered on 22.08.2018.

Yes...( as told by Mr. Martin) best method is to put slightly warm oil (If it is a solid fat just melt it and run on the web and just spread with scale or any flat instrument which will not break and torn the web.

after production started it may be good to have water dipped rubber just rubbing the web to avoid pick up if any.  This can be engaged when ever it is required.

Answered on 22.08.2018.

John, Can i ask which manufactures belts you use please? 

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