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Asked on 12.07.2018.


can you advice me shortbread production machinery supplier . but especially focus on shortbread.. 


Accepted answer
Answered on 31.07.2018.

Hi Beyhan,

Shortbread can range from 25% - 36% Butter so the following techniques can be used - Rotary Moulding, Rotodepositing, Extrusion, Wirecutting & Depositing

Haas Meincke would be a good start as they supply both the Forming & Baking Equipment to a large number of the Shortbread Manufacturers in Scotland

Kind regards


Answered on 13.07.2018.

Hi, you should contact Haas-Meincke. They are the experts in short bread lines and control more than 90% of the market. All the walkers short bread lines are from Meincke. All the best. 

Anonymous Answer
Answered on 14.07.2018.

Hi, Could you please inform the percentage of fat used in these biscuits

Answered on 14.07.2018.

 What is the product that is suitable for this technique ?

Answered on 14.07.2018.

 to Mr Rahul Kale

the shortbread fat content 25% exactly

Answered on 15.07.2018.

to Nezaket Öngün..

the product is shortbread which is classical scottish butter cookie..

Answered on 16.07.2018.

Miss Ozenli,

You can use machines from imaforni or MEINKE HASS. Both are good reliable suppliers.

Answered on 16.07.2018.

Miss Ozenli you can also try Comas system for depositing, wire cut or extruding they are also good. Depending upon ur requirements. 

Answered on 16.07.2018.

thank u Mr Khan.. 

yes i know comas line.. I want to search the traditional method of scottish shortbread . to bake in metal frame.. not onto the steel band baking. Im searching the traditioanl baking method movies

Answered on 19.07.2018.

check out ovens of Kemper, chek the following link:

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