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Asked on 05.04.2018.

Biscuit Packing Machine

Which machines are the best packaging machines for biscuit packaging keeping in view the Less workers and machine automization.

How much speed we can attain at Slug And pillow packs with good automation. Machin maintenance cost should also be less.

Answered on 17.04.2018.

In the West, Bosch and Cavanna are the most common. Bosch bought Sig, the former reference for biscuits. For slug you could achieve an average of 88 packs per minute, although they say that new machines can reach 120. For flow pack it will depend on many factors, but hot seal can achieve an average of 280, up to 350/ 400 in new machines. For cold seal, I have seen 1200 packs per minute some years ago.

Answered on 17.04.2018.

Dear Jose,

Its good knowledge that Bosch have purchased SIG. 

On SIG you are right you can achieve the speeds as you mentioned. But on Slug packs it is possible to achieve a speed of 150-210 packs per minute in Cavanna machines as well as Bosch SPS Models.

Answered on 28.05.2018.

I agree with Jose Carlos, Cavanna first then Bosch (SIGPack) - have experience of both & they do stand the test of time

I would definitely look to have Allen Bradley on them rather than Siemens - they will eventually look to charge you every time they upgrade with Siemens, they don't with AB

Answered on 10.04.2018.

Koshla and Multipack Omari machines are doing better than any other machines. (Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine) (on edge packing).  Versatile and change parts are also available or you can also make and very flexible for change overs. 

Answered on 16.04.2018.

cm-opm  ... sig  I think.. there are so many alternative types you can find

Answered on 27.06.2018.

In my  experience in packaging, high speed , less maintenance, technical support & flexibility for change overs is best PFM - Italy .

Answered on 29.06.2018.

Yes PFM machines are also good along with other best brands of Italy. Thanks 

Answered on 15.05.2019.


Cavanna has been manufacturing machines for biscuits and crackers since 59 years. We have been the first to design and install a fully automatic cracker wrapping line and, up to date, our solutions for portion packing or slug wrapping are recognized for their efficiency, flexibility, performance and superior esthetics of the packs.

I am new to this forum, I see that you posted your question a while ago, but very happy to share with you some reference videos.


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