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Asked on 10.08.2018.

Sheeter biscuit Puffing

Hi I am adding a certain quantity of ammonium bicarbonate in sheeter biscuit of course it's a cracker type and make cream sandwich. 

For achieving more puffing I need to add more ammonium bicarbonate to achieve a certain weight after baking within my standards.

My question is what could be the other processing methods without deviating from recipe and without increasing ammonium bicarbonate. Plz note down my weight of biscuit is very low I can't increase the wet weights due to product specs.

Accepted answer
Answered on 11.08.2018.

Hi Mr. Khan 

I think you have the problem of the sthack high issue in secondary process as well as packaging . I think you should have to used leavening acid such as SAPP alone with Sodium Bicarbonate  , try to adjecjest the formulation according to the Neutralizing value of leavening acid. 

NB : Check other ingerend ph values too ,  specially if you used invert syrup. 

The second point you have to consider the oven temperature , especially in 1st and 2nd zone its depend on how many zones that you have. ( If you don't mind share with me for your oven baking profile) 

3rd thing is if you are using , recycle biscuits  or  scap dough in your formulation , try to eliminate or reduce .  

Let me know your feedback . 

Answered on 11.08.2018.

1. use preheat system

2. decrease the first zone temperature and sit the dough on band and increase the second zone temperature. so u will get more puffing cracker

3. make more soft dough so it will be mor puffing

4. if u r using enzyme in the recipe.. increase the resting time. so it will be more puffing 


Answered on 11.08.2018.

Hi Aurangzeb,

If the cracker is laminated you can increase the number of layers to entrap more air & give more lift

The another option is to increase the proportion on “virgin” dough to scrap dough

Finally, you can raise the docking roller slight, this will increase the volume - care should be taken that there aren’t too many cavities created which might result in fragility during packing

Kind regards


Answered on 11.08.2018.

Thank you for the detail answer.

This question is resolved.
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