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Asked on 07.01.2021.

Product Machine Line

Dear members, I am trying to find one Automatic biscuit stick product machine line, and with the chocolate machine and the packing.

I have already tried to find it in Japan because I think there are very good machines there. Any suggestion? Thank you

Answered on 07.01.2021.

Dear Athanasios Arvanitis

Japan RHIO machines are good, as additional features are there as you can have two colour dough biscuit sticks and if you want you can encrust with liquids also.  

Next you can also try with HAAS Maincke machines and they are also experts in these kind of machines.  The delivery, speed, accurate weight will have no problems.

Just check with them. 

Answered on 07.01.2021.

Dear Athanasios

As far as packaging is concerned, there are many options. Please indicate what you have been thinking so far, what are the dimensions of the product and how many pieces do you want to pack. How to you want to carton these? Display pack or transport carton only.

With that information I may give you some help

Answered on 08.01.2021.

Hi Athanasios,

Hope this finds you well

For equipment, I would suggest the following as options.

Biscuit Manufacture - Buhler Meincke, turnkey solution from mixing, forming, baking, cooling

Chocolate - Sollich, tanks, pumps, pipework, tempering, enrobing & cooling

Packaging - Cavanna.

If you need any further help, please contact me

Kind regards

Martin Ruck

Maxtone Ruck Limited

Answered on 08.01.2021.

Dear Athanasios,

I believe that you are looking for a line to make "Pocky" type products (stick biscuits dipped in chocolate and other coatings). I have many years of experience working with a group of companies who can manufacture and supply the complete plant for you as a turnkey project, complete with technical and process know-how, installation and commissioning, training, etc.

If you can contact me through this website, we can discuss your requirements in full,

Best wishes for 2021,

Robin Holding.

Answered on 11.01.2021.

Dear Athanasios,

It all depends on the budget you set for this line. What is the set budget for the line? What degree of automation is needed? What equipment quality you are looking for, high end, or medium?

Do you have a chocolate processing unit? Is it real chocolate or compound?

You need to mix and match the equipment to have a complete line.

Originally, the biscuits are dipped in ice cream bar coating machines, but now there is much simpler equipment for that.

If you want to discuss this further send us more details as per above.


Hassan Itani

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