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Asked on 06.04.2018.

Scratch bottom on cookies on steel band

How we can avoid scratch bottom on cookies at startup of plant.

Whenever I start production as oven band is not lubricate or more heated it catches the bottom at end of oven outlet I have to discard that product at least 1 oven to get it settle down.

My product is cookies and I can't change recipe. Suggest ways if anyone knows better solution.

Answered on 06.04.2018.

This problem in soft dough or hard dough?  must be more from soft dough?

Answered on 06.04.2018.

Problem is in soft dough its a cookies variety high enriched recipe.

Answered on 10.04.2018.

1.  Please see that there is no gap between band and scrapper plate.

2.  If it is complete steel band then I think you will be provided with brass end knife.

3.  The end knife width should be as much low as possible and stripper band should take the biscuit once it is released from knife.  So see that end knife width is less and also you stripper band is immediately taking the cookie once it is getting released and pushed by another cookie.

4.  Keep one fan at the bottom of the band before it get released.  or make a box and keep a fan inside and make around 10-15mm hole so that fan air is circulated on bottom of the band before it get released on oven end knife.

Pl give feed back once you do all above correction.

Answered on 10.04.2018.

Thank you related to ur 1st 3 points we have checked all these are ok. We face this problem when we start product 1st round of band give high scratch bottom. One fan I don't think so will do any work as band is very long nd hot. 

Answered on 13.06.2018.

Hi Aurangzeb,

Lubricate the oven band surface will melted fat - the same as you will be using in the recipe

Try using a sprung steel, multi-leaved knife so it will follow the contours of the oven band

Kind regards


Answered on 15.08.2018.

Hello Aurangzeb,

Bottom scratch is a function of fat doesn't mix and melt properly in the mix! Agree with the point of view that lubricating of steel band solve the problem but it is temporarily, the frequency of this issue usually comes faster in winter , where the basic issue is temperature of water, fat and Eggs (if they are part of your recipe).

All you need to increase the temperature of dough plus increase the emulsion phase 1-2 minus so that fat can properly melt and mix in the final dough . you need warm water in the recipe to achieve this. in case of using eggs you also need to reduce the temperature 4-5 degree and this problem will remove forever.

good luck

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