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2 answers
dear all member and experts, to make the wafer winds better, we introduced this dripping system to apply a thin mist during winding process, we used a microfiber cloth and the dripping needle to apply water, it do help the winding but not consistenc...
unwind wafer wafer stick wafer flute
8 answers
can you advice me shortbread production machinery supplier . but especially focus on shortbread..  thnks
shortbread machinery
11 answers
Plz share ur experiences of different stacking models to stack the biscuit from stacker.  Biscuit is rectangle shaped and we need to fix the problem of stacking.
biscuit production Biscuit stacking Rectangle biscuit
6 answers
I want to know which book we can read for technology of cakes like what we are having Duncan Manley book for technology for biscuit, crackers and cookies. All the chapter should have been covered well in all types of cakes and manufacture like in Du...
layer cake bar cake
3 answers
Dear all , any wonder any courses provided for wafer roll process . We have issue of very fragile . Unwind at the end , and very fragile even tho stick well before cooling . We tried spray some mist on baked wafer sheet but still. Here's my batter...
wafer wafer processing operation
7 answers
dear all, im a rnd engineer from a food manufactures in malaysia , we have a 3 tunnel ovens, 4 zones, first 2 zone using direct gas and the 3rd and 4th using convection.  we produces marie type biscuit, flat biscuits, koala biscuits and cookies.  wo...
direct gas zone 1 burner intensity
3 answers
How can i extrude sprinkle sized pretzel dough? I don't want to hand cut the pretzel dough. I've asked this before, got some great replies but then I hit the wrong button and my question came up as resolved.  It's not. please continue to reply. Aura...
4 answers
Can u share any gluten free stick cracker  industrial recipe.. as a rotary cutter and extruder 2 type recipes pls..
gluten-free Stick-shaped biscuits
6 answers
How can i extrude sprinkle sized pretzel dough?  I don't want to hand cut the pretzel dough.  I've asked this before but didn't get any valued replies.  
biscuits snacks
12 answers
Hi I am looking some advice  about Chocolate and Jam filled cookies ( co extruded Encrusted ) base on the following point . 1. What characteristics need for the chocolate & Jam ? 2.What kind of instrument need to produced the chocolate ? ( only...
filled cookies wirecut
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