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Asked on 30.07.2018.

Hi Dear All Group Members .

Please can you tell to me in biscuits production , when you selecting the flavours , what are the characteristics must need to check? What is the difference in between water soluble flavors and oil soluble flavours ? 

Answered on 30.07.2018.

Hello! the flavoring should provide affective memory in the product to the consumer, remember some characteristic that reminds the product before the tasting, as if his consciente were drawn even before proving, base products fiction oil better to the final product due to the high evaporation point of the base water or alcohol has greater ease of evaporating in cooking.

Answered on 03.08.2018.

Dear Mr.Rasika,

While selecting the flavour it is important to check two aspects

1. Aroma of the final product when you open the packet and just feel of it

2. The complete mouthfeel along with flavour which is intended to claim that product.

So it is very important that these two aspects are taken care while deciding the flavours.

Unfortunately some times flavours are restricted to only aroma than the mouthfeel due to various reasons. Nowadays to reduce the cost of the final product so much short cuts are being used as eg. in butter cookies no butter is added but claimed as butter cookies. Here if you add the flavour with butter aroma it may be good only to smell but when actually eating you may find different. So in deciding final product, your recipe, flavour and selection and blending of flavours are very important to achieve final good product.

In case of biscuits, it is not going to make very big different if it is a oil soluble or water soluble.

but it should be heat stable flavour. It should not loose it's character during baking and express same delivery what is intended.

In creams it is better to go for oil soluble flavours as it contains more fat and flavour molecules will go deep into the structure and given required aroma and taste.

The difference between oil soluble and water soluble flavour is the flavour components which is soluble in oil is mixed with solvents and oil to get the final liquid flavour

in case of water soluable the carrier for the flavour component is mixed in solvent which is easily miscible with water presence in the recipe, as well some times water itself added with flavour components to get the proper liquid flavour.

When you decide the water soluble flavour you must ensure that it is not going to affect the final product of yours. For eg if you use water soluble flavours in chocolate you must be checking its final taste until the shelf life you are declaring.

Answered on 31.07.2018.

Hi Rasika,

Generally most doughs have Fat & Water within their recipe so it is less critical but when adding to fillings then care must be taken not to effect the filling

For example if adding to a fat based creams, water based colours & flavours should be avoided - likewise oil based colours & flavours should be avoided when using in Marshmallow as they can cause the foam to collapse

Hope this helps


Answered on 01.08.2018.

hi Rasika

Im working in flavour company as a bakery consultant. if you want I can give a training for your company to teach all flavour application. this is a good topic  for you. but it is not to explain it easy.. if you want ..pls contact me by message..

Answered on 01.08.2018.

But I will give some information but that subject can be detailed.. may be you can visit to my company which I work

1. oil soluble

2. water soluble

there is solvents are different.. 

oil soluble: in used fat based cream.. for example biscuit or wafer...compound. sprsying oil of cracker. etc..

water soluble: in used jelly.. marmelade .. marshmallow etc.. water based semi products.

in dough biscuit or cracker or cake.. u can use all of them..because there are both fat and water in doughs.. no problem.

there is also some bakestable flavour..

the solvent content is very important to calculate the dosage of flavour.. all countries flavour regulation is different pls be carefull of that regulation to select the flavour and their dosages etc..

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