About us

We are the BISCUIT PEOPLE. We are made with a unique recipe and from the finest ingredients. Taste is fresh and full of flavours, with complete nutrition values and easy to digest

We help biscuit manufacturers to promote and sell their biscuits and to find the appropriate equipment or ingredient supplier.

Our secret f(l)avour

We are aware that everyone has its own taste and prefers something else. You are most welcome to contribute with your own flavours and ingredients. Also, we will consider other direction which will improve the taste and shape of our product.

Basic recipe


  1. Sift together all the ingredients
  2. Gradually stir in until they are completely absorbed.
  3. Preheat server to expected temperature. On a lightly surface, roll the ingredients out to size of the screen. Cut into desired shapes with biscuit cutters. Place it together onto an ungreased screen.
  4. Bake for a while. When it’s ready – serve it.


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