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Asked on 01.08.2018.

How to avoid shape changing in crackers?


We are producing centre filled farmented bear shape crackers. After forming the dough piece shape is ok. But after oven crackers, the shape is changing. Crackers going to be larger in width and smaller in length. I do not understand what can I do. I need suggestion. I have attached a picture of our crackers.

Accepted answer
Answered on 02.08.2018.

the flour is very important. I wanted the floyr specification from flour supplier. I will translate it to english for u and will send to you tomorrow.. pls wait..

Answered on 01.08.2018.

Hi Mohammed,

I agree with Aurangzeb, you need to look at the Yeast / Enzyme system that you are using to modify the dough.

If you are using a Proteinase then standing time & temperature are critical to controlling both the machineability of the dough & the shape during baking

Hope this helps


Answered on 01.08.2018.

Hi Mohammed

The shape changes after baking is course of many reasons, Please share below mentioned details for future assists. 

  1. Method of Mixing 
  2. Are you using Enzymes and sms for dough modification ? 
  3. Resting time of the Dough .
  4. Cutting/embossing pressure 
  5. Check is there any speed variations cutting roller . 
Answered on 01.08.2018.

I have sent you straight method of making this product you can check and apply.

If any feedback plz share after that.

Answered on 01.08.2018.

Hi Muhammad, Hope you are fine. 

Also tell are you adding Enzyme in ferment or not?

If adding enzyme are you adding in final mixing stage or do you have one sequence only. specify your mixing sequence? specify mixing times of each sequence then we will be in good condition to guide further need more details in this regard. what are your concentrations of SMS and Enzyme?

Also check your Cutter dimensions as a pre check.

Answered on 01.08.2018.

no need any yeast that type of biscuits. these biscuits is not fermented dough. . the flour is very important that product. the baking profile is important.  your dough elasticity rheology is not good   I think.  not enough mixing time... will share all of that specifications with u by mail.. 

Answered on 01.08.2018.

I think with minor modifications of dough it is possible to make the required size biscuit rather to change the entire method of manufacturing. 

Answered on 02.08.2018.

I think , change flour quality  ,and step of mixing is very important . And oven setting also check . 

Answered on 07.08.2018.

Hi mohammed your problem resolved or still on strugglig,?

This question is resolved.
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