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Asked on 20.10.2017.

Maximum % of lecithin amount in sandwich cream filling

What is the maximum amount of soy lecithin that is acceptable in a sandwich cream filling, without impacting cream fat crystallization?

Answered on 07.12.2017.

0.15 % to 0.2% on total weight of the cream you are designing for a particular product.  From 0.15 you can increase and see your economics to have smooth flow through machines as well give smoothness to the cream for eating and stabilization.

Answered on 20.03.2018.

you can use lecithin quantity .. 0,5 % of fat  in the recipe.

Answered on 13.06.2018.

Hi Jose Carlos,

It depends on the Fat(s) being used, type of mixer & any crystal structure already present

It will also be useful in controlling the bubble structure if aerating the cream

I would not go any further than 0.6%

Kind regards


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