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Asked on 22.08.2018.

Hello Panda Carmel printer machine

Dear Support;

I’m looking for provider for caramel printer machine working with cutting mould on Rotary cutter

Answered on 22.08.2018.

Yes Sir

I can help you source that, In fcat we did three projects on that

in Bangladesh we helped first kokomo, then PRAN Chocobiz and now Sunvelley Hello Panda

we have the fomula,

please contact me on whats app 008801742386875

Answered on 22.08.2018.


I will contact through WhatsApp 

Answered on 22.08.2018.


I could not find you on WhatsApp 

Whatsapp  me on my mobile +96597150054 

Answered on 22.08.2018.

Hi Mohammed,

Another supplier of printing equipment is Reinke in Germany

Kind regards


Answered on 22.08.2018.

Dear Martin

Thanks for you support

Can you provide me the contact number or email or website for reinky

Answered on 27.08.2018.


I am running the same kind of product like Hello Panda we are using Imaforni Printer 

Answered on 26.11.2019.

Dear Mohammed, please contact our company Procys (, we'd be happy to show you our inkjet printing solutions. We can print on 2 colors made with natural food ink: 

- brown from caramel

- red from beetroot

We're based in France and we develops, designs and builts tailor-made automated industrial equipment for the food industry. Contact us!

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