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Asked on 23.06.2018.
I desire to purchase laboratory scale- biscuit manufacturing machine- rotary/ wire cut/ deposit type?
I desire to purchase laboratory scale- biscuit manufacturing machine- rotary/ wire cut/ deposit type??
Any suppliers/ equipment manufacturers for India???
Answered on 25.06.2018.

Hi Anuj

There is a company in the UK called RTech - they specialise in lab style biscuit machinery - their website is

They specialise in one off pieces of equipment for R&D labs that mimic your production lines - they can adopt their layouts to suit you

The guy there is Peter Horton, if you would like me to introduce you please send me your email address

Kind regards


Answered on 23.06.2018.

Hi Anuj

My name is Avninder Mutchall and from Hyderabad in India.

I do make biscuit and wire cut equipemnt and would be happy to provide you with a quote for the pilot line including a wire cut attachment.  The line can be with a laminator or with just a 4 roll sheeter, 3 sets of guage rollers , a rotary cutting and a moulding unit.

Pilot line can be of 300/ 400 mm width.

I can be reached on +91 93 999 96 999

Avninder Mutchall

Answered on 26.06.2018.

Hi Anju

I am agree with Mr. Martin , in my suggestion , you should have to go with R-Tech Ltd , they have all kind of min lab line apart from that  , they can supply ingredients too for the testing purpose. I also request 3 units from them .  

Please follows this link: 

Answered on 26.06.2018.

Hi Anuj,

My name is Peter and I work for R-Tech Ltd, we are based in the UK.

We supply 120mm wide 'MiniLab' and 300mm wide 'ProLab' laboratory scale equipment; rotary moulding, fig bar/wire cut extruder, sheeting, laminating, rotary cutting and an oven.

120mm wide MiniLab is our most popular line and is capable of producing a single lane of product, or double lane depending on the product dimensions, in a repeatable manner.

300mm wide ProLab equipment is a realistic version of a full-size production line in cross section, just the width is narrower.

We supply to biscuit manufacturers and ingredients manufacturers and have more than 70 MiniLab and ProLab installations in more than 25 counties including Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Europe, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and the USA.

If I can be of any more assistance please contact me at or by telephone on +44 1942 725713

Answered on 26.06.2018.

Dear Mr.Anuj,

In india In bangalore I know a better person who is doing this project.  You need to buy separately wire cutting and depositing types.  Otherwise he is supplying 12 feet electrical oven of 12' width band oven where you will get 4 lines of biscuits.  He is supplied to all big companies in india.  If you write to me separately will share his phone no.  You can talk to him.  Reliable and good supplier.  I am fixing for my company same line only.

S Srinivasan


Answered on 23.06.2018.


I dont know indian manufacturer sorry. But if u want  I can help you other countried machinery companies. I can advice..

Answered on 23.06.2018.

I have dropped a couple of msgs to some of my Indian links for your query i will send the details to you when they will respond. Moreover you can also find the details if available from other parts of the world.

Answered on 24.06.2018.

The kind of equipment that you buy will depend on the scale of laboratory you want to build.

Laboratory Scale:  Objective is only to physically show how the product will look like.  Some times product obtained might not be optimal in texture, shape etc. But good enough to have an idea of how the product could look like. There are a few brands of this scale, one of th

Pilot Scale: At pilot scale you are looking to optimize process conditions and close the product to what will be at production level. Several serious companies could build a pilot scale equipment but design criteria is critical to have a successfull project.

I can provide more detail as required as design criteria is critical to have a succesfull use of the laboratory scale or pilot plant and avoid to achieve a  "white elephants" Please contact me to

Answered on 25.06.2018.

Hi Anuj,

Contact the following he is one of supplier of small scale equipment 

India ENGINEERING COMPANY... Dipankar Sen ... 7003854980

Answered on 27.06.2018.

Plz also watch janssen cookie machine. It is also good for u..

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