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Errebi Technology

Errebi Technology is a Italian company making rotary moulding rollers and rotary cutters since ever. And since ever, our company has been growing continuously with the purpose of proposing more and more technological items to the biscuit production world. 
This has meant to invest in high technological machineries and human resources for guaranteeing high precision in the final work. Thanks to the employment of a group of highly skilled staff we are able to create or reproduce any kind of biscuit shape you desire and prove customized and personalised solutions
Since 2011  we have moved our headquarters to a  more modern and efficient building (almost 4 times bigger than the old one)  and we have also increased our operating units (with additional CNC machines centres guaranteeing a very significant level in terms of accurancy of the final product).
Beside, we have also focus in researching for more innovative materials. As a matter of fact, in the last  couple of years, we have been in tough connection with an Italian University for the research of more innovative materials.
Our company has adopted since years a quality system for checking both quality parameters of our suppliers and of our high technology applied to our items. 
No matter of saying that we have all certificates of compliance “ food contact” for all material used. At this purpose we also apply an internal control with the use of a special tool for analyzing bronze and its lead contents
Errebi Technology srl believe that the main element for the company is the complete satisfaction of customers in terms of quality, reliable, high technologies of performances. We know that nowadays the world of biscuit has become more and more fix its rules: thus the need to produce biscuits whose even weight and  engraving designs are in line with such needs.



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