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BENEO Buys Shares in German Start-up Grillido
BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, has today announced it is taking a 14% stake in German business, Grillido, to get t...
Dream of sustainable food industry
As individual world citizen, this is an ideal package. Why?
Christmas Biscuits Through the World: Use Your Imagination, Bake and Celebrate
The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner – do you need ideas for Christmas biscuits? Here is the list for Christmas biscuits from...
Jingle Bells Jungle Biscuits
Jingle Bells Jungle Biscuits
Continuous production of high-quality doughs
Whether rolls, baguettes or other baked goods – the aim is always consistent, high quality. It all starts with a perfectly prepared dough.
BENEO Reduces Specific Energy Consumption While Increasing Production Capacity of Chicory Root Fibres
At its Pemuco plant in Chile, BENEO conducted an analysis of the whole production process to identify any areas where energy efficiency could be impro...
Biscuit People Conference 2022 Report: Learning, Sharing and Networking in Dubrovnik!
Biscuit People Conference 2022 gathered many biscuit manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, consultants, and equipment experts. From 25th to the 28th of...
To Clean a Solid Carbon Steel Bake Oven Belt Cannot Be Too Hard, Right?
Well, it’s really about how you define “to clean”, about the starting status of your belt and about what you need or expect to accomplish. Preventive...
Finished Product Specifications – Critical Documents for Successful Businesses
How to construct, write and review comprehensive finished product specifications for biscuit products
BENEO Opens Additional Rice Starch Production Line for Business
BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, has celebrated the opening of its new rice starch production line with a special in...
Tailing Effect
As we have already mentioned on another occasion, the heart of the production process of a biscuit line is the mould, while the cavity is the heart of...
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