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Trick or Treat?
Trick or treat?
Top Trends in Baking for Halloween: Scary Good!
Halloween trends for this year are spooky good: including biscuit brands that offer BOO Oreos, Reese's Pumpkin special stories and more – sit back, ti...
Mouth-melting Canestrelli: Traditional Italian Biscuits
The Canestrelli are delicious, traditional Italian biscuits, which make for a perfect afternoon tea snack. You can find the recipe right here!
Top 13 German Cookies: German and Christmas Favorites
Germany is a country that loves its biscuits. The proof of this is the large catalog of different biscuits this Central European country offers. Altho...
Learn Everything About Glucose Biscuits: Tradition That Never Gets Old!
A glucose biscuit is usually a small, rectangular flat-baked sweet biscuit usually eaten in combination with your favorite warm drink such as coffee,...
It's Easy To Say Made In Italy
Made in Italy" is synonymous with experience, love, passion, curiosity, research and style. From food to fashion, to manufacture, there are many Itali...
Climate Change - Energy for Biscuit Baking
Learn more about future developments for biscuit baking, and gas as a predominant fuel for biscuit baking ovens. Does renewable energy become the bigg...
The new Dectyl metal-detectable belt range for improved Food Safety!
Better Detection for Better Protection: The new Dectyl metal-detectable belt range for improved Food Safety, and Brand Safety, too!
3rd Biscuit People Conference Report: Connecting, Learning and Exploring Istria!
The third biscuit people Conference took place from 15th to 18th of September, this time in Umag. If you are interested to learn more you can downloa...
The flow of materials: automation, tracing and safety
CEPI‘s native software Tracking System provides process control, warehouse management and full traceability with total information exchange.
Top 13 British Biscuits: Pick Your Afternoon Tea Partner
British biscuits are one of the most popular in the world due to its tradition of dunking into tea. Shortbread biscuits that bring luck to brides, Bou...
Inspiring Trends 2021-2022: Global Consumer Trends
COVID-19 pandemic changing consumer trends. Never before have we seen consumer trends so strongly correlated to one critical event. Presenting global...
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