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Asked on 08.07.2018.
oven burners flame intensity

dear all, im a rnd engineer from a food manufactures in malaysia , we have a 3 tunnel ovens, 4 zones, first 2 zone using direct gas and the 3rd and 4th using convection. 

we produces marie type biscuit, flat biscuits, koala biscuits and cookies. 

would like to ask , in normal practice , which kind of burner intensity suits all the biscuit? 

1)red big flame with less air ,

2)oxygenated flame, strong sharp blue flame 

or have to depends on different products?

Answered on 14.07.2018.

Dear All Members, and Mr Lee

As all members expressed the flame should be adjusted for proper combustion.  If the burner is set with modulation mode and once you set the proper flame ie.  proper golden yellow in case of HSD and in case of Gas proper blue colour by adjusting proper air and fuel ratio.  Once set in and put in modulation then according to the temperature it will increase the flame and decrease the flame according to the oven profile and limits you have set in in each controller in each zone.  If you are doing manual each time you have to adjust the Fuel and Air ratio to increase and decrease the temperature which is cumbersome and product defective will be more.  Better to fix modulating burner and run the production once you set in the Fuel Air ratio.

Answered on 08.07.2018.

Dear Lee 

Good flame colour and intensity both are important.

It depends upon type of your product wherever ur baking get settle down and give good results you lock there. 

Good burners flame is very important. 

Answered on 08.07.2018.

Lee, the color of the flame means how efficient is the gas combustion. If is blue and straight, means gas combustion is right.

Size of the flame only means how much gas flow is going throigh the burner, exactly as in you home gas stove.

Big flame no need to mean loose flame or red all the way. Many times flame is blue on the base and slightly red in the edge and that still is ok.

I hope this helps. If need more information or support I offer my consultancy services if will be please to support your company. Please contact me at

Answered on 09.07.2018.

You should aim for sharp blue flame ( not a lazy flame ), it can be slightly richer also , The colour and sharpness of the flame,indicates correctness of combustion and air to gas ratio.

Each product you make, requires different heat profile . 

The flame quality relates to efficiency of combustion.

Do you use Zero pressure Governors? if so, then there should no problems to achieve a good flame quality.

Hope this helps! .


Avninder Mutchall

Answered on 10.07.2018.

Dear Lee and other Respected members,

i agree proper color of flame should be there but its again hit and trail. Gas to air proper ratio is important you have to fix your product accordingly with all other parameters. baking time and top bottom burners combination is important it can vary from ur product to product. You cant fix one kind of parameters for all products may be they are a same or slight change but can vary from product to product. What issue you are facing with baking share that one so that we can know what is the issue actually or problem?

Answered on 16.07.2018.

Hi Mr. Lee

I am totally agree with Mr. Srinivasan you must fix the Modulating burner. 


Answered on 16.07.2018.

you can see the detailed information on that seminar notes

Answered on 31.07.2018.

Hi Lee,

I concur definitely a sharp blue flame only is the correct way, this means that you are getting the full combustion of the gas.

If the flame is lazy & orange then the venturii on the end of the burner needs to be adjusted to alter the mixer of air to gas to give a blue flame

Hope this helps


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