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11 answers
I desire to purchase laboratory scale- biscuit manufacturing machine- rotary/ wire cut/ deposit type?? Any suppliers/ equipment manufacturers for India???
7 answers
Hi  Please some one can explain the definition of Vanilla Wafers ? 
Wafer Floor
2 answers
Hi All Please can you tell me which kind of flour need for good quality wafer production ? can we used the same flour for biscuits or we need the different characteristics of flour  
4 answers
Dear All share Laminated/sheeter and rotary moulder recipes i am collecting a database for these.
7 answers
what are advantages of laminated vs sheeter products.
3 answers
In a laminated cracker line, Should the final gauge rollers be tapered or its diameter must be the same along its lenght? Wich is the best option? 
4 answers
Hi  This is not about baking technology If we imagine a biscuits plant consist of Dough feeding + Cutter + Oven + Packaging machines how we implement OEE calculation for Total Plant (from mixing to Finished good) what will be the best parameter to...
6 answers
Hi Everyone,We recently bought a rotary moulder and started making shortbread cookies. We have several rollers and some are really forgiving and make great cookies with different recipies but the one we need to use is not forgiving at all and we cann...
6 answers
I'm looking for training or course at healthy biscuit in ( middle east or uk)
8 answers
Good evening. I began to have differences of weight in the same lane of crackers coming from the third pair of gauge rolls. How can it be fixed?
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