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1 answer
Hello Does anybody know if it is possible to use a Rotary Sandwich Machine (like Peters) to fill moulded biscuits (like 5,5 cm diameter) with a big hole (i.e. 2,0 cm diameter) in the middle? Is it possible to modify the stencil nozzle to match this...
3 answers
Dear All, I want to know what kind of modified starch we can add for egg free sponge cakes to get proper volume texture and without any wet feeling while eating in the final cakes.  Or which enzyme we can mix with starch to get the proper cakes.
3 answers
How to resolved the checking problem in rotary molded(Digestive) biscuit.
1 answer
Dears, We’re looking to produce a new healthy biscuit high fibers, low sugar and salt and non gmo, so we’re asking and looking for materials suppliers and technical development and support in this project  If anyone can help us on this project pleas...
3 answers
Please advise on the optimal melting point for vegetable palm Shortening to be used in biscuit soft dough Thank you 
2 answers
Please advise on the dough type of malted milk biscuit whether is soft dough or is hard dough And beside the fat, what is the main difference between the two dough types?  Thank you 
4 answers
I need caramel filling recipe for wafer. but do not migration from caramel to wafer sheet. low aw recipe keep its softness during 6 months shelf life..thnx
5 answers
Good morning, can someone help me with this issue: Which is the technical specification for the fat (Palm) used in secondary process for the cream of sandwich and wafer filling?
5 answers
We are going to buy a new dedicated oven for water cracker, (like Carr's) what are the most suitable configurations of the oven should we looking for? (e.g. heating mode, oven band type, etc.)
1 answer
Cream  cracker biscuit wet size and dry size standard 
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