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Asked on 06.04.2020.

Filling donut-shaped moulded biscuits


Does anybody know if it is possible to use a Rotary Sandwich Machine (like Peters) to fill moulded biscuits (like 5,5 cm diameter) with a big hole (i.e. 2,0 cm diameter) in the middle? Is it possible to modify the stencil nozzle to match this format, and does it maintain the desired filling shape after application? What issues could be expected?

Thanks in advance 


Answered on 09.04.2020.

Dear Jose Carlos,

As far as I can understand you are looking for depositing the cream on Rotary moulded biscuits with hole of 20 mm in the middle, having the cream as well deposited with a hole. Is it correct?

Thank you.

Answered on 10.04.2020.

Ηello Jose Carlos,

I am recommending for you to get in touch with Peerless group, based on my contact Mr Ankush Mittal, email:

He will be able to help you having an insight of the technical solutions which are available.

Thank you.

Answered on 20.05.2020.

you may contract directly to good manufacturer of rotary molder and depositor GEA- Comas Italy . you will find there many further designed solution of your required product.

Best Regards

Zahid Iqbal Zia

R&D Head Ismail Industries Candyland Pakistan.

Answered on 09.04.2020.

Dear Christos

Exactly, and using a RSM type Machine (not Capers).

Thank you

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