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Asked on 06.04.2020.

Non egg cakes

Dear All,

I want to know what kind of modified starch we can add for egg free sponge cakes to get proper volume texture and without any wet feeling while eating in the final cakes.  Or which enzyme we can mix with starch to get the proper cakes.

Accepted answer
Answered on 06.04.2020.

You may try Modified Starch N-CREAMER-2111 , MANUFACTURER INGREDION  GERMANY , it is 40% egg replacer with good texture . it will not replace 100 % eggs with same texture.

Answered on 06.04.2020.

Questions is if you have the right functional proteins, in the absence of eggs ?

You are more than welcome to send me an email, as Arla Foods Ingredients are experts in egg replacement with our whey proteins.

Br Christian, AFI

Answered on 06.04.2020.

Hello Mr Srinivasan,

You may try the combination of cyclodextrin (composed of six D- Glucose molecules creating a ring) with the commercial name CAVAMAX W6 in combination with Whey Protein Concentrate at 3,5 % and Water.

You may email me in order for me to send you guidelines and Technical specifications.

Answered on 24.04.2020.

Dear Mr.Sevastos

Kindly send me your E mail ID will in contact with you....

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