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Asked on 24.02.2020.

Oven for water cracker

We are going to buy a new dedicated oven for water cracker, (like Carr's) what are the most suitable configurations of the oven should we looking for? (e.g. heating mode, oven band type, etc.)

Answered on 24.02.2020.

Hi Daniel, 

You would need a hybrid oven with 2/3rd DGF section of 1/3rd direct forced convection. In the olden days, Cars used 100% DGF oven but the same baking profile could be adapted for a hybrid oven too. By the way all Carl’s water crackers are made on Spooner Vicars ovens. Send me an email on to help you with your requirement. 

Answered on 29.02.2020.

Hello Daniel,

In terms of the Belt type my suggestion would be Z47R (F4015) or even Z47RR (F4018) having a higher ratio of Wire diameter and Mesh Opening although they are having bigger weights than standard Z47, increasing the heat storage potential which is necessarry in faster running Tunnel Ovens with higher baking temperatures (suitable for Crackers).

Substantially it has been reported that owing to the increase of the convection heat, reduced energy costs as well as better baking performance is anticipated having good cleaning results as well.

Thank you.

Answered on 01.03.2020.

pls contact with Iain Davidson.... he will advice the best configuration for u ..Im sure...

Answered on 02.03.2020.

Thank you to all of your advice.

Answered on 24.03.2020.

Daniel,  I will be able to provide you with an oven specification, baking profiles and heat rating data. You may contact me at

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