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Asked on 12.03.2020.

Vegetable palm Shortening melting point

Please advise on the optimal melting point for vegetable palm Shortening to be used in biscuit soft dough

Thank you 

Answered on 12.03.2020.
First of all: Melting point gives only indication on the quality of the shortening; not accurate.
More important is the temperature at which the fat is applied and the dough temperature.
Important is the amount crystalliseded solids at the temperature of use, assuming you use crystallised fat and not melted fat. In Europe other fats are used than in tropical countries.
My first reaction is Whiley melting point of 38-40°C and solid fat content at 20°C of 25-30.
Answered on 17.03.2020.

It is better to handle plam oil with 37*c maximum for biscuits and creams.  

You can do both creams, short dough as well hard dough biscuits, cookies etc., 

Answered on 17.03.2020.

                                summer            winter

Melting temp:         37-42                34-40


n20                        32-38               25-31

n30                        16-20               11-15

n35                        9-13                  6-10

ffa(%)                   max 0.15

peroxide (meq/kg)    max 0.8

Answered on 20.05.2020.

for bakery fat to use in biscuit  in all seasons MP should be 36*c

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