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Steel belts and processing systems for the  bakery and confectionery industries

Systems and products being highlighted at Interpack are solid and perforated steel belts; moulding machines for the production of industrial...

Ankit Kaushal: Supplying a complete package is our strength

We had a talk with Ankit Kaushal from New Era Machines and we’re bringing you the interview to find out more.

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Smart cost optimization in biscuit manufacturing

Smart cost optimization in biscuit manufacturing

Rather than simply reducing costs, optimization is more about creating continuous improvement process that delivers healthy cost savings and...
Shelf Life - Introduction

Shelf Life - Introduction

Manufacturers want to prevent or delay mechanisms of food deterioration and spoilage, to reduce costs, ensure food safety and extend shelf l...
Brownies: a very popular baked treat

Brownies: a very popular baked treat

Brownies are one of the most favourite baked treats in the world, and the first brownie was created at the end of the 19th century in the US...
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