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External factors influencing shelf life of bakery products

A thourough expert article in the shelf life series, by Jon Vast and Wouter Duisterwinkel, on four external factors in relation to microbiol...

Sugar substitutes for baking

Here we write about sugar substitutes, ingredients that keep the sweetness but make the biscuits more accessible to people looking to consum...

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Setting up a bakery - Part 1

Setting up a bakery - Part 1

In the first of three articles on this subject, we focus on basics around choosing products, markets, standards and making a fail-safe busin...
Biscuit baking ovens

Biscuit baking ovens

Biscuit baking ovens, generally known as tunnel ovens, have long conveyors which carry the dough pieces through a heated box section baking...
Smart cost optimization in biscuit manufacturing

Smart cost optimization in biscuit manufacturing

Rather than simply reducing costs, optimization is more about creating continuous improvement process that delivers healthy cost savings and...
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