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Plazma is known as a biscuit made for and consumed by children, mainly because of its nutritive significance.

The Rise of Healthy Baking

A growing number of companies and brands are putting out healthier alternatives in their product range to accommodate the ever-expanding con...

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The secret of a long bake oven belt life – Maintenance

The secret of a long bake oven belt life – Maintenance

Regular planned maintenance is key to maximizing the working life of a bake oven belt. This should include a formal schedule of checks, not...
Shelf Life - Introduction

Shelf Life - Introduction

Manufacturers want to prevent or delay mechanisms of food deterioration and spoilage, to reduce costs, ensure food safety and extend shelf l...
ISO and HACCP in Food Industry

ISO and HACCP in Food Industry

Safety between food industry and the market and then between the market and the consumer is one of the most important aspects of the industr...
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