Breakfast biscuits
Breakfast Biscuits – Double Chocolate
Koestlin HR

Breakfast Biscuits – Double Chocolate

If you wanted to eat chocolate, you’d rather eat Breakfast Biscuits Double chocolate that contains a lot of pieces of real chocolate (10%) and seven whole grains: wheat, oats, rye, barley, spelled, rice and buckwheat, which as the source of various nutrients contribute to the nutritive value of the chocolate roll.

No added color or preservatives and suitable for vegetarians.

The product is packaged in a box containing four convenient packages with 4 rolls to preserve product freshness after opening the box.

Improved box with the possibility of re-closing. 

Packaging: 160g


  • double chocolate
  • cereals & cranberry
  • cereals & plum
  • cereals and wild berries
  • muesli & fruit
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