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BPC 2022 vol.2

Our Experts

How x-ray's versatility can protect product quality and brand reputation in the biscuit sector
Even with growing consumer awareness regarding health, the occasional delicious biscuit is still something to enjoy!
The secret of a long bake oven belt life – first part
This article provides guidelines on preparing, servicing and checking bake oven belts in order to achieve maximum return on investment.
Improving the Nutritional Profile of Biscuits – Part 2
There are many challenges to improve the nutritional profile of our diet, including a reduction in fat and sugar content and enhancement of fibre. Thi...
The maintenance plan has to be respected and executed
Every maintenance plan has to be respected and executed, each production line must have time for cleaning and maintenance,
How to Bake Crackers by Infrared Radiation?
What is meant by infrared radiation and How to Bake Crackers by Infrared Radiation?
How to Clean Solid or Perforated Steel Belt
How to clean the steel belt? There are a few different ways to clean a bake oven belt during production. Steal belt maintenance.
Automated OEE, Industry 4.0
OEE is not a simple single number. Your OEE may look good but looking inside it may show a differentiation that tells where there are opportunities fo...
Investment Analysis in Decision Making
How to do investment analysis? Investing in a new production line against the integration of an existing one? Learn about topics that should be consid...
Potato Chips
How to make great variety of snacks based on potato flakes and modified starch? Here's an opportunity to learn. Potato chips - 5 different recipes.
Setting Up Pilot Plant Facilities for Biscuits – Crackers
What would be the most cost-effective solution, either the In House Research and Development or the outsourced R&D?
Mechanical Emulsification
Application of the high speed-high shear mixing process, a liquid phase of oil and water, results in a desired emulsion, which allows for optimum wate...
Cotton Belts in the Biscuit Industry
Belts in the biscuit industry. Cotton belt definition, Why use a cotton conveyor belt?
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