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6 types of icing and how to make them
Icing gives more value to your product for a relatively low price in ingredients, makes products more attractive to consumers and encourages impulse b...
Heat transfer for biscuit baking
There are three modes of heat transfer and all of them occur during biscuit baking. However, they differ in importance, application, and effect on the...
Why ‘medium’ should mean no compromise on performance
The word ‘medium’ can often suggest an element of compromise, whether that be ‘taking the middle course’ in a discussion, or asking for a steak
Setting up a bakery: Products and Business plan
In the first of three articles on this subject, we focus on basics around choosing products, markets, standards and making a fail-safe business plan.
Airports as one of the fastest developing brand touchpoints
You can tell a branding is good if you could single it out at an airport.
How x-ray's versatility can protect product quality and brand reputation in the biscuit sector
Even with growing consumer awareness regarding health, the occasional delicious biscuit is still something to enjoy!
Acrylamide Awareness
Acrylamide in its pure form is a white, odourless, crystalline organic compound belonging to the amide group. It's used in the manifacture of dyes.
Cotton belts in the biscuit industry
Cotton belts are widely used in the biscuit industry and while some were replaced with synthetic belts, there's a reason companies still use cotton.
B2B eCommerce - the time is now
B2B eCommerce is not only generating more revenue than B2C, it also has a bigger audience and lower costs.
How to bake cookies and crackers
Cookies and crackers are different, but when it comes to cutting, baking and the tools used in the process, they have a lot of similarities.
External factors influencing shelf life of bakery products
A thourough expert article in the shelf life series, by Jos Vast and Wouter Duisterwinkel, on four external factors in relation to microbiological spo...
Emulsifiers in the baking industry
Emulsifiers act as an interface between the conflicting components of food like water and oil. They can be classified as either ionic or non-ionic.
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