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Zeppelin Systems GmbH
Zeppelin Systems GmbH Equipment Manufacturer from Germany Equipment Manufacturer
Zeppelin Systems is a global leader in plant engineering for the handling of high-quality bulk materials.
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Minor ingredients system MicDos with KOKEISL


When precision is important, we are in our element. From components for batch weighing to differential dosing scales, including control system, you receive everything from one single source. 

For any eventuality
Depending on the requirements, we have various possibilities for efficiently storing and dispensing free-flowing and hard-tohandle substances, from the manual, semi and fully automatic minor ingredients system MicDos, to the medium ingredients system MinDos to the fully automatic, high performance system MacDos. 

Dosing liquids
We also offer a selection of suitable methods for dosing liquids and temperature-controlled masses, such as volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems. 

Dosing bulk material
Dosing and conveying screws with direct drive are available for the dosing of bulk material and the precise filling of scales. These also fulfill strict hygiene requirements. 

KOKEISL rather than screw
The KOKEISL technology offers several advantages compared to a conventional dosing screw. The KAD component does not require an additional end cap to prevent trickling at the end of a dosage procedure. The product is gently discharged by the curved agitator, preventing damage to sensitive products such as chocolate chips or chunks during dosing. There is considerably less space required for the same performance, as well as an overall enormous savings potential due to the omission of costs for assembly and control technology.

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