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4 answers
Dear People, we have in Turkmenistan an ongoing project for the production of bakery products and biscuits, and we need to hire concerned professionals, as a production manager and food technologist, please contact me thru, if...
8 answers
There is a marie recipe with less fat and high water ratio. When producing there is large crust blister on top of the biscuit  We tried with reduce 1st zone temperature to avoid aggressive heat and then moisture was the next problem  steam also appl...
2 answers
Please Suggest how to calculate % assay in Ammonium Bicarbonate. Here I mean the calculation.
6 answers
What is could  cause of blister on biscuit and what could be the solution
3 answers
What is cost of installing airwaves technology and where is a supplier located?
4 answers
Sir, tell me what is the indirect  tunnel Oven standard for suction pressure. 
5 answers
Hi,I hope someone could kindly share the recipe for vanilla cream filling, the type used for Oreo cookies.Thanks.
3 answers
What does Air Waves Technology do during cream cracker dough lamination?
3 answers
Dear all; Any can help me with recipe for gold fish crackers?
2 answers
Hi Everyone, we have recently bought a Rotary Moulder machine from Nielsen we do not have much expertise on working recipes for this machine can i request anyone to please suggest me some recipes for Dough making  Txs
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