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Asked on 03.02.2021.
Need help with Tray cleaning and Sugar spraying on biscuits


We are a traditional bakery SME out of India. We manufacture Osmania Biscuits with a wood-fired oven. We don't use any nonstick trays. We are currently facing a residue problem with the biscuit and tray.

We manufacture Osmania Biscuit/ Butter Biscuit. So we currently spray sugar water to the dough post cutting. Excess sugar water is removed. We want to remove this sugar water thing from the whole production line. But we don't have an alternate solution. The biscuits top and sides crumble while packing. This sugar spray helps in decreasing this effect. Apart from this, trays have this sugar residue at the edges and edge biscuits are burnt at the bottom.

So how do we clean the trays or do we have to get new trays everytime?

How to remove the sugar spraying from production line.

P.s: We don't use any emulsifiers or any additional agents. only essence and normal raw material.

Thanks In Advance :)

Answered on 03.02.2021.

What are the quality of your Trays? Which material? 

What is the reason that you don’t use any nonstick trays?

Answered on 03.02.2021.

The biscuits top and sides crumble while packing. In this case you should review the amount of your ingredients and maybe add some other Ingredients to give your Biscuits the best quality and quantity. 

Answered on 03.02.2021.

I wanna know what is the quality of your package? Maybe you should review your package as well. 

Answered on 04.02.2021.

The burnt edge is from sugar solution running off the biscuits. Are you able to transfer the biscuits after spraying to a dry tray before baking. I assume if a wood fire oven, then it is a batch process, how many trays each batch?

Answered on 04.02.2021.

We use a batch wise process. As I have mentioned it is an Small Enterprise. We have 44 trays going into oven in one round. The main problem is the if sugar is not sprayed Biscuit when packed in poly packs the fat or the edges stick to the pack even after sugar spray the sticking to edges in down by 50% but not completely.. I am no expert in baking. I have taken up my father's business and am trying to understand it from the scratch. 

Answered on 05.02.2021.

Dear Mr Paven

Have you tried spreading silicon sheet on the tray and baked?  

But could not tell the life of the silicon sheet, but it is easy to wash and spread on the tray again.  The silicon sheet you have to buy which is used for french macroon baking.  just try for one or two trays and if you get the result let me know.   Since you are using slow baking process silicon sheet will not go that easy that is my thinking.

Answered on 11.02.2021.

Hi Paven;

I think.. the best thing is that u can use disposable cheap wax paper food wrapping paper  for

Pastry Baking Tools..

may be u can use 2 or 3 times.. and later use new paper etc..

the best and esay solution for u :)

all best


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