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Asked on 04.02.2021.

How to reduce swarf on biscuits from rotary moulder

Hi, Is there a way to reduce the excess dough around biscuits dropped from a rotary moulder?

This recipe is close to shortbread, pressed through a Deighton Rotary Moulder 2200. There are the same results are all machine speeds.

Accepted answer
Answered on 11.02.2021.

Hi Michael;

acording to your photo.. u have blue plastic band under the machine? 

your cookie line is rotary moulder or wire cut cookie system..I think .. It seems wire cut cookie... so u dont need to wetting the belt etc...or rubber roll or presseure roll balancing 

u produce your cookie like that:

if it is ... there is  dough softness , stickness to wire problems.. u can arrange yur dough water sugar fat balance.. ıf u share your recipe.. ı can advice..

all best


Answered on 05.02.2021.

Dear Micheal

Apart from check points above mentioned it is very important to check the rubber roller hardness.  If it is short bread recipe and rubber roller hard ness is around 80mho you will have this problem.  

Secondly check the bearing of the rubber roller also.

Could you please tell me what is the dia of the moulding roller?

Answered on 09.02.2021.

Thank you Jose,

I adjusted the cutting wire which helped a little bit. There's no adjustment for the scrapper position.

The mould is new and doesn't appear to have any damage.

The mould and belt speed have a single control.

I'll try adjusting the recipe but it seems to work better as the dough warms in the hopper from friction and gets softer.

I don't wet the belt. I looked closer at the drum as it travels and the swarf is falling onto the belt off the moulding drum so I don't think the belt is an issue. 

Answered on 04.02.2021.
Dear Michael, please check the following:
  • If your scrapper is sharp enough, aligned, and in close contact with your moulding roll,  not bending.
  • Scrapper position/height is adequate. Also, if it is correctly attached, parallel to the support
  • If your moulding roll is in good condition and even, all along its surface. There shoud be no depression around the mould, this is important if you use mould insertions too.
  • If you have belt speed control independent of mouding roll speed, try to adjust one or both
  • If pressure/rubber roll pressure is minimal, just enough to release piece from mould
  • If your dough is not too soft.
  • If you are wetting the belt with water, check if it is not in excess.


Answered on 09.02.2021.

Thank you Srinivasan,

It's a nylon mould so the hardness cannot be changed. The drum is approximately 120mm with a 70mm cutting form inside.

Answered on 10.02.2021.

Hi Michael

Most of the probable causes have already been mentioned but to have that amount of excess tailing around the dough pieces suggests the scraper is in the wrong position.

The only other thing that would result in dough tailings like that would be a wet extraction belt but you say you don’t wet it.

If it is a shortbread type dough is your butter temp too high.

Do you have a belt scraper on the return path of the web ?  If so is it actually in contact with the web surface ?   Excess pressure on the moulding roll can leave a coating on the web which would make the problem worse if the return scraper on the web doesn’t remove it.

A short video would be helpful if that’s possible.

Good luck


Answered on 11.02.2021.

Hi Beyhan,

Thank you very much, that video is the same machine, so your list of potential issues is great. From that video, there's dough on the roller but only the biscuit is cut. On my machine, the wire is catching dough on the drum, so it could be I need to lower the wire slightly, to catch the cutter and not the rest of the drum.

I'll be producing again next week so I'll test it then and let you know.

Thanks again.

Answered on 11.02.2021.

Hi Micheal;

I see... your system is not  classical rotary moulder .

it is wire cut cookie dough system..

whenever u want u can write to me directly, I can help to u :)

Answered on 11.02.2021.

Hi Michael 

So it’s a a wire cut rather than a Rotary Moulder and seems you already have received good advice for that particular model.

Only thing I would add is to try to give the dough maximum possible standing time.



Answered on 17.02.2021.

Thank you for all your suggestions and corrections.

This is a video of the Deighton cutting the dough:

The wire cuts across the plunger that pushes the dough shape out, but it also clips the drum as it turns, creating the swarf. I don't see a way to adjust the height of the wire, just the tension, which I've loosened and tightened with the same results.

This question is resolved.
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