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Asked on 22.01.2021.

Laminated Cracker Seasoning Application

Hello All,

we here at Paradise Foods (Papua New Guinea) have been manufacturing crackers for 30 years with the same old seasoning/vegetable oil slurry spraying application that is continuing to have detrimental effects on downstream conveyors, infeed cassettes, and ultimately, horizontal flow wrappers with wear and tear and major downtime required through continual cleaning. 

My question as we embark on a scoping a new (100% increased capacity) line, is there anyone out there that is familiar with alternative applications where the oil spray is not so thick and with other was to apply the seasoning such as a dry powder sprinkle etc? really keen to hear your feedback guys!



Answered on 22.01.2021.

Dear David,

If you are looking for in dough seasoning where post baking cleaning issue may not be there.  Or you can have in dough seasoning and have special conveyor after oven out and sprinkle special seasoning and pack the biscuit where you have clean conveyor post baking to packing.  Think about it and reply.  In dough seasoning and very mild application of seasoning on biscuits will give desired taste and mouth feeling.

Answered on 22.01.2021.

Hi David!

Instead of applying a slurry I would first spray oil over the biscuits at the end of the oven and then I would apply the mixture of powders in a rotating drum.


Answered on 22.01.2021.

I agree with Alfredo, if not slurry and belts, you may want to use a tumbler after oil spraying. Maybe a little oil after oven and then a litte more oil just prior to the seasoning application, already inside tumbler, to improve adherence. Spray oil application should be between 6 to 10%, depending on your reference.

Answered on 23.01.2021.

Thanks very much for your feedback guys. Most of which is what we are working on in our R&D department. unfortunately, tumbling in a flavour drum is not an option due to the volumes and process line structure but good thoughts.


Answered on 25.01.2021.

Hi David,

Not sure if your are wanting a visual aspect as well.. However if you want you could do that in a way of dough seasoning/ topping before baking as suggested before. The distinct flavour you could do by applying a flavour spray on the crackers; It's a lot of work to finetune each nozzle, but it gives you great consistency as long as you keep your flavour(s) and its suppliers the same..

Answered on 26.01.2021.

Hi David,

I worked with Arcall on the slurry spray machines you have in Port Moresby. As an independent now I would be happy to discuss the options for changing the process.

If you wanted to look at the tumble drum seasoning option, then it is most important to add most of your oil after the oven when the cracker is hot, then a small amount of surface oil in the beginning of the drum and a curtain of seasoning to coat the crackers.

Not all crackers can be tumbled though, there are topical seasoning options as well

kind regards


Answered on 11.02.2021.

Hi David;

u can contact these 2 companies

all best


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