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Asked on 12.02.2021.

recipes for rotary mould

hello, i just buy a mimac rotary moulder machine on secondsary market. I have no expertise on these kind of biscuits. Do you have some recipe to suggest?

thank you.


Accepted answer
Answered on 16.02.2021.

Hi Lele,

You could make a basic rotary dough using the following quantities :

Biscuit Flour - 100

Powdered Sugar  - 30

Palm fat (plasticized) - 20

Water - 12

The dough is formed using a two step process - All ingredients except flour into the bowl and cream together, add the flour and mix until well cleared (dont overmix this stage) . The flour water absorption can be variable depending on milling so may require more or less water.

Answered on 13.02.2021.

Hi Lele,

There are obviously a lot of  recipe variations for rotary moulded biscuits as the range of products made on this type of equipment is huge, with products such as Oreo, Digestive and Gingernuts to name a few. 

The dough consistency is quite important and should be crumbly so that it easily compresses into the moulds.  if its too dry and powdery it will be difficult to extract from the dies and if the dough is too soft it will stick to the extraction web.

The key ingredients in rotary doughs are flour. fat and sugar with minimal amounts of water  being required to assist in achieving a cohesive dough.

Best regards

Andrew Hughes

Answered on 16.02.2021.

Hi, Its better to hire someone on frelancing basis to help you fullfill your requirement. your equipment is expensive and don't let it do like this way. i hope you understand it. thanks

Answered on 16.02.2021.

thank you. It was just to make some test. Having no idea of % of flour and liquid it will be helpful to start with a basic recipe. thank you anyway

Answered on 19.02.2021.

Thank you very much Andrew, it's what I need to start from.

best regards

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