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3 answers
What kind of maintenance methods you are using with less breakdowns of ovens?? share ur experiences?
6 answers
How we can avoid scratch bottom on cookies at startup of plant. Whenever I start production as oven band is not lubricate or more heated it catches the bottom at end of oven outlet I have to discard that product at least 1 oven to get it settle down...
3 answers
if u have pdf or project report about role of dimension of biscuit in biscuit packing. Then pls send me my no is 9752232236
5 answers
Which is best sandwiching machin and highest speed sandwiching machine? Share ur experiences.  
9 answers
Which machines are the best packaging machines for biscuit packaging keeping in view the Less workers and machine automization. How much speed we can attain at Slug And pillow packs with good automation. Machin maintenance cost should also be less.
1 answer
I have a cookie product that run on Steel Band. Currently after few days (15-20 days) i observe black carbon particals problem on bottom of product. result is i have to discard that product. as a corrective measure i have to plan band cleaning on ma...
4 answers
How to add bread crust into biscuit? e.g. influence on process, formulation, etc.
5 answers
How can we determine the correct  material combination of laminates ( Type of the laminates & thickness of the layers) are being supplied by the suppliers? Eg : 20 micron BOPP + 25 micron MCPP 
6 answers
Hello we had buy a used biscuit factory and im looking for who can help by sharing some cheap recipe for rotary moulder.
4 answers
Dear People, we have in Turkmenistan an ongoing project for the production of bakery products and biscuits, and we need to hire concerned professionals, as a production manager and food technologist, please contact me thru, if...
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