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BPC 2022 vol.2
Asked on 25.03.2021.

Lab Scale: Wafer Biscuits


I have bought the below bench top wafer baking machine and it seems working great.


Just that i will get slightly thicker thickness of the wafer in the middle compare to its side. The texture at the side is soft crunch, but the middle thick part is soggy and not crunchy at all. If i were to bake longer, the whole piece texture became a bit hard eventhough the middle thick part is cooked, but the texture is still prone to a bit hard.

Maybe you could share some experiences on this and provide some advices on how to obtain a more even thickness of the wafer biscuits?

Recipe and process parameters as below:

Recipe (Baker's %): Flour (8.5-9.5% protein) 100%, water (T=17degC) 175%, sodium bicarbonate 0.1%, salt 0.4%, oil 4%, lecithin (liquid form) 0.1%

Used hand mixer mixed at fast speed for 2min30sec.

Batter T = 18-20degC

Hot plate T setting = 160degC (i have tried baking at 180degC for 2m15sec. The texture is a bit hard). (I think baking parameters is the most important parameter to control for wafer biscuits as the recipe basically very simple).

Baking time = 2m45sec

Cooling time = 2min

End with packing.

Thank you in advance :)



Answered on 26.03.2021.

Hi Amye 

Uneven thickness could just be as simple as the way you are depositing the batter.

Suggest you use a piping bag and pipe thin lines evenly spaced across the plate.  When you bring down the top plate the lines of batter will spread out into the gaps giving a nice even sheet when baked.



Answered on 27.03.2021.

Hi Amye 

The advice about piping the batter is correct as an industrial machine pipes batter lines about 1cm apart onto the bottom plate but you would need to be really quick if you try it on the lab scale as the plates should close before the batter coagulates.  I would suggest that you don't aim for too much piping accuracy just pipe a Z shape across the plate which I have found is good enough given the time constraints of the process. Once the plates are  closed the batter should boil within seconds causing the mix to flow and even out. Your recipe looks like it contains too much water as this should be 140 water to 100 flour. 

Also your plate is actually designed for sugar wafers as it isn't fitted with retention side strips and has no locking mechanism. Without the strips it is very difficult to keep the batter on the plates and the lock keeps the plates closed when the steam pressure increases ensuring the thickness of the baked sheet is even.

Best regards


Answered on 26.03.2021.

Thank you very much, John. 

I shall try it and feedback to you accordingly.

You know what? There's a saying goes  "When you need to experience difficulties on your own, it might take months to solve it, or years. But once experienced person shared the solution with you in just a second, you will think how come it is so easy and i have never thought about it? But, in fact, if the person did not tell you, you will feel like it is as difficult as getting to the Moon. It is the experience is valuable and not the solution :)

Appreciate on your kindness and willingness in sharing here. 

Have a nice weekend ahead :0)



Answered on 28.03.2021.

Great insights, Mr. Andrew!

I did try today:

1. Piping a few lines and closed the plate as fast as i could.

2. Reduced the water to 140%. 

Still, i have uneven thickness. Was scratching my head on what else could cause the unevenness. 

Thanks for your advice.

Will figure out the below:

1. How to ensure the plates could be locked to ensure even thickness of wafer sheet.

2. Try piping zig zag and do it as fast as possible before batter start to coagulate

Thank you :0)



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