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Asked on 24.02.2021.

salt + oil spraying in biscuits

Dear fellow members,
I was presented with a biscuit sample with the following characteristics:
shape: almost completely round
diameter: around 8 mm (looks like a chickpea!)
texture and crunchiness: similar to semi sweet biscuits.
taste: salty, and another sample with paprika flavor.

Certainly no docker pins marks on the biscuit because of the shape and small size.

I suspected that the recipe used for this product is a regular semi sweet biscuit, and that the product was sprayed after baking with oil and salt in addition to any requested flavor..

My question: if this is mainly a salty biscuit, what would the recipe actually be? is it as I expected, a regular semi sweet recipe? in this case will the salt be enough to counteract the sweet flavor? or was it actually a cracker snack recipe?
even a third possibility, is it a regular semi sweet recipe with adjustment to the sugar content in order to reduce that sweetness?

or is it something completely different that I can't seem to figure out?!

also, does anyone know about spraying biscuits after baking, any ratios or parameters that should be considered?

Thanks in advance..

Answered on 25.02.2021.

Hi Rasha.

The mixing process for savoury crackers is quite similar to semi sweet biscuits with an extended development time being used and the dough may contain enzymes. The less sweet taste is achieved by using sugars which aren't as sweet as sucrose and unflavoured crackers are sprinkled with salt before baking, The application of oil using a spay machine is done immediately the crackers exit the oven and the oil used is hot usually about 60 centigrade, the quantity of oil added is in the range 10 - 20%. 

Flavoured crackers are produced either using a slurry spay machine which  sprays a blend of oil and dry flavour onto hot crackers, or a flavour drum which tumbles the crackers and oil is first sprayed onto the crackers then dry flavour powder is sprinkled onto the crackers, The size a shape of crackers often limits the use of a drum system as the tumbling can result in  high levels of breakage.

I hope this helps

Andrew Hughes

Answered on 25.02.2021.

Hi Rasha,

From the described shape of the biscuit/cracker, I would assume that salting before baking would be ineffective. If almost round and the size of a large chickpea then a soft flighted tumble drum seasoning system would work very effectively and could be used to apply oil, salt and seasoning after baking

I can help further on all aspects salting, oiling and seasoning crackers 


Answered on 26.02.2021.

Thank you Mr. Hughes and Mr. Woollard for your answers, they are indeed very helpful.

Answered on 07.03.2021.

like that baby ball biscuit?

Answered on 09.03.2021.

Dear Mrs. Ozenli,

The biscuits that I am talking about are indeed similar to those you provided a photo of, but as I understood from the link, these baby ball biscuits are covered with milk powder..

The ones that I am talking about have a savory taste, and I have seen them in a range of flavors actually, ketchup paprika barbecue smoked flavor, etc.

I don't know if that makes a difference, but I thought it is better to share this piece of information..
I can try to provide a photo of the products, it is being marketed in another city currently, but I will try to get my hand on a sample or so if that would help ^_^

Thank you so much!

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