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Biscuits Choco Cookies produced by Koestlin HR
Koestlin HR
Choco Cookies
Tea biscuits with big chunks of chocolate and a subtle hint of orange. Pure chocolate paradise.
Biscuits Karat produced by Koestlin HR
Koestlin HR
This original Koestlin product is well-known for its small fuzzy cakes and its distinctive flavor combination of milk and cocoa.
Biscuits Petit beurre produced by Koestlin HR
Koestlin HR
Petit beurre
These butter biscuits can be served as a meal, a snack offered with a hot beverage or used as an ingredient in desserts.
Biscuits Breakfast Biscuits – Double Chocolate produced by Koestlin HR
Koestlin HR
Breakfast Biscuits – Double Chocolate
If you wanted to eat chocolate, you’d rather eat Breakfast Biscuits Double chocolate that contains a lot of pieces of real chocolate (...
Biscuits Ground Plazma produced by Bambi
Ground Plazma
Ground Plazma is a ground biscuit with added minerals. The unique and full taste of Plazma Ground makes it an irreplaceable ingredient in ta...
Biscuits Plazma Sticks produced by Bambi
Plazma Sticks
When you think there is not a more perfect taste than Plazma, remember this sweet piece of information: Plazma Sticks are your new, favourit...
Biscuits Paris filled tea biscuits produced by Koestlin HR
Koestlin HR
Paris filled tea biscuits
These filled tea biscuits have been prepared according to authentic Koestlin recipes, the result of a century-long manufacturing tradition....
Biscuits Tea Time produced by Koestlin HR
Koestlin HR
Tea Time
One of the first and oldest sweet treats served with tea still tempts the tastebuds with its intense aroma and is still being produced accor...
Biscuits Premium crackers: Sea salt & pepper produced by Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd.
Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd.
Premium crackers: Sea salt & pepper
Devon Premium Crackers with Sea Salt & Black Pepper is a new product being launched in November 2016. The product is a li...
Biscuits Loco Wafers produced by Bambi
Loco Wafers
Loco wafers, the latest brand of Bambi company, brings a whole new experience of wafers. Loco wafers with an attractive nougat flavor combin...
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Stay up-to-date on the biscuit industry's latest developments, expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems! Attend the Biscuit People Conference, a gathering where you will get the opportunity to learn from professionals.
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Water Crackers
Would like to know if someone can help with the best mixing and fermentation process for Water Crackers and how to get the best results of bubbles without blisters.Thank you
Roel Would like to learn more on Cookies, Biscuit and Cracker and Biscuit manufacturer
Soft and Chewy Cookies
Good to all!I would like to ask for the cookies. Aside from the moisture, what factors need to consider to make soft and chewy cookies? Many thanks!
Sandwich Biscuits with Soft, Thin and Flat Biscuit Shell
We would like to make sandwiches using biscuit shells which are very soft, thin (3mm) and flat. (a) what kind of forming methods are possible? (rotary moulding, rotary template, depositing, etc.) (b) is a Peter's type sandwiching machine feasible? If...
Biscuit People Conference 2022 Report: Learning, Sharing and Networking in Dubrovnik!
Biscuit People Conference 2022 Report: Learning, Sharing and Networking in Dubrovnik!

Biscuit People Conference 2022 gathered many biscuit manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, consultants, and equipment experts. From 25th to the 28th of October we exchanged and expanded our knowledge but also experienced the magnificence of Dubrovnik.

Nov 04, 2022
Biscuits Ingredients
Biscuits Ingredients

What are the most important ingredients for biscuits? Learn more about what your favourite biscuits are made from!

May 11, 2022
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The Collection of Technical's Articles About Biscuits, Cookies, Processes and Troubleshooting
The Collection of Technical's Articles About Biscuits, Cookies, Processes and Troubleshooting

Welcome to our collection and the main base of everything we've gathered throughout the years and, finally, summarized into this one single article. A...

Mar 22, 2023
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GEA Bakery Equipment Manufacturer from Italy logo
GEA Bakery
GEA Bakery provide complete lines for the production of cookies, biscuits, crackers, cakes and much more.
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Ammeraal Beltech Equipment Manufacturer from Netherlands logo
Ammeraal Beltech
Whether it's biscuits, cookies, snacks or other baked items, we have SAFE & CLEAN Bakery Belts for all your applications. Helping you bake it better!
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Zeppelin Systems GmbH Equipment Manufacturer from Germany logo
Zeppelin Systems GmbH
Zeppelin Systems is a global leader in plant engineering for the handling of high-quality bulk materials.
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