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3 answers
I have baked Cakes, Biscuits and Crackers on a Tygaflor PTFE Coated belt many years ago and lately baked Cereal Bars on a Kevlar Baking Belt Has anyone experience of Kevlar Baking Belts and if so, why is there a reluctance to optimise this Tec...
4 answers
Dear All, Wafer layer opening happens after few days of production. What is your suggestions?Thanks
3 answers
Dear All, Can any one suggest method to get open structure in egg less cake.  Even if it is slightly dry also ok.  What is the recommended pH to get the above texture.
1 answer
The Food and Drink Federation is gathering some information regarding the sale of digestive biscuits in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. We would like to hear from companies which are selling digestive biscuits in these c...
2 answers
How to turn a mesh belt into steel band type solid surface belt with minimum cost ? Will PTFE fabric cover work?
3 answers
Why blisters problem in biscuits  ? what is the way to get rid of this?
3 answers
Hi guys, If possible, someone could send me the book of Duncan Manley's about Technology of Biscuits 4 edition? Thanks!!
3 answers
Please let me know the availability of  sugar grinding mill for sandwich cream preparation with following requirements 1) Fineness of  the powdered sugar appoximatly 100  micrones 2) Temperature just after grinding should be less than 36 centigrade...
4 answers
Experts I just found this forum on google, it is perfect idea :) Please I'm looking for Lotus biscuit recipes and method of mixing for our manufacturer. Any one can help us on ?
3 answers
Is it useful to combine 2 kinds of yeasts,natural and artificial at the same time?
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