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Asked on 10.05.2021.

Is it possible to add some kind of material to increase the severity of the biscuits?

Hello everyone 

I make salted biscuit sticks.

But I want to increase the strength of biscuit sticks. 

Is it possible to add some kind of material to increase the severity of the biscuits?

Thank you very much 

Answered on 13.05.2021.

Hi Mr Khaled,

In this case as recommended You can select High Dry gluten content especially Bread dough for making sticks.  

Pl add SMS only after wheat flour added to the cream after one minute of the mixing.  Pl see that dough temperature not going beyond 38*c.

If you do not have pH meter you can buy pH paper and see that pH is more than 7 and below 8 as if Soda (sodium Bi Carbonate) is more there is chance of softness in the end product or It may be brittle.  

I recommend slow mixing RPM 25-30 Beater rpm for around 8mts after wheat flour addition. 1 minute before sms and 7mts after sms.  Please try and tell me.

Answered on 10.05.2021.


Do you use yeast to do sticks pl tell me

Answered on 11.05.2021.

Hello, Mr. Subramaniam.

I'm using bicarbonate sodium.And ammonium bicarbonate and SMS

Answered on 11.05.2021.

Hi Mr. Khaled,

I recommend you to try vegetable fibers. I have done trials on cookies and crackers. The use of vegetable fibers improved resistance, avoiding checking and broken biscuits. Vegetable fiber provider is Rettenmaier. it would be a good starting point, But there are similar in the market. Try different % of dosages to find the best one to your product. Any doubt, please tell me. Good luck.

Answered on 28.05.2021.

1.  use more gluten content flour

2. decrease some fat

3. decrease some raising agent

4. add  some extra protein.. vital wheat gluten..

5. add some modified starch

u can test .. and see the result.. u can use both options combination.. and also check the best cost  the best texture situation .

good luck 

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