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Asked on 01.06.2021.

Mini cheese crackers - baking system in rotary ovens ?

Can mini cheese crackers be baked in rotary ovens on trays ? Also which is the best oven system for a startup to start small with capital investment while ensuring quality of the product ?

Accepted answer
Answered on 03.06.2021.


Cheese biscuits you can do in Rotary oven.  But you cannot get the indented final product of Cheese crackers with Rotary oven.

Crackers needs multiple environment oven to get better product.  You can take mixing and even laminate the dough with available bakery lamination machine.  But when you bake the crackers in Rotary oven it will not give you right shape, taste, texture, and appearance.  

Answered on 02.06.2021.


rotary ovens are good. But they're not the best solution.  They wouldn't give you the best quality of mini cheese crackers.

In my book (Bread Back Process Modul) I have compared 3 different ovens together and I've recommended the best and cheapest solution for the industry. That would give the best quality of bread. I Think this method could be also useful for Mini cheese crackers. 

Best regards, 

Parisa Mohammadshahi 

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