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Asked on 27.04.2021.

Raisin Slicer

Hello everyone

We have faced the challenge of producing a fruit shortcake biscuit product that uses raisin slices. We have to cut the raisins into smaller pieces first, then pour them into the dough, and this is where the problem begins. Our problem is with the type of system, equipment, or method of slicing raisins. Using a slicer, we slice the raisins, but because the raisins are high in sugar, the slicer blades are immediately blocked. We try to provide a cold medium to avoid sticking raisins also but I think this is futile and is like taking coal to Newcastle.

 I ask the experts to introduce me a system, method or machine that I can slice raisins with high quality, good efficiency and with the least problem.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation...

best regards

Answered on 02.05.2021.

Try to get the required size of grits from the supplier 1st. 

The machine you are using for grinding biscuit wastage try to develop a similar kind of machine with sieve size different. Moisture and fat content of your grits should not be higher. I hope using a slight bigger sieve size will solve your issues. Thanks

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