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Asked on 28.05.2021.

How to calculate the proper cooling time for soft and hard dough type biscuits?


Please can any one tell how to calculate the proper cooling time for soft and hard dough type biscuits . What is the standard cooling time of different verities of biscuits ( hard dough, soft dough and wire cut cookies)

Best Regards


Answered on 29.05.2021.

Hi Rasika,

As a general guide the cooling time of bisuits and crackers should be 1.5 x  the baking time. For crackers and hard dough biscuits such as Marie its important not to force cool  as this can result in "checking" so the use of fans should be avoided

Answered on 31.05.2021.


When I worked in Britannia I have worked on various projects.  All lines are multiple variety lines and Cooling time is approximately 1.5 time of baking time only.  As Mr Hughes observed that forced cooling should not be done on Hard dough or Crackers.  But one point to be kept in mind is no way it should be less than that of recommended time.  Moreover design in such a way that that we keep the biscuit distance in cooling conveyor more than the distance between biscuit kept baking.  Cooling time is calculated from the point after baking when biscuit start travelling on cooling conveyor till it enters to stacker.   Do not calculate the time it travels in table conveyor for packing.  

Answered on 01.06.2021.


Cooling of biscuits  is necessary to allow secondary processing and packing in plastic moisture-proof films.  biscuits must be cool to near-ambient temperature Before packaging. This is normally for a period of 1.5–2.0 times that of the baking time, when the biscuits would be cool for packaging.

Best Regards, 

Parisa Mohammadshahi 

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