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BPC 2022 vol.2
Asked on 27.05.2021.

Non-sweet moulded biscuits


Does anybody know about non-sweet or salted moulded biscuits in market, filled or not? Is it possible to replace sugar in its recipe with an ingredient not so expensive, keeping at least part of sugar properties? What could be the main issues (dough piece forming, baking, packaging...)?



Answered on 31.05.2021.

Hi Jose

In biscuits and crackers the main role of sugar is to provide sweetness and structure so if its removed the biscuits become more tender and crumbly and obviouly less sweet. Sucrose also has water binding properties so to remove it from the dough will allow the dough water to hydrate the flour protein forming gluten which in a short dough is undesirable.  If you are trying to make a less sweet/savoury dough some of the sugar could be replaced with low DE glucose.

In most markets sugar (sucrose) is the cheapest of the main ingredients used in biscuit doughs so to find a cheaper alternative can be challenging. There are replacers for sucrose available such as Fructo-oligosaccharides and these can replace the functionality of sucrose but at a much higher price - maybe 2 or 3 times more expensive

Answered on 28.05.2021.

These are salty rotary moulded cookies.. sesame  and cheese dill flavoured 2 types cookies which  are my products that are the first salty cookie in Turkey .. 

in recipe there is a little sugar.. but it is salty.. 

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