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BPC 2022 vol.2
6 answers
what is main difference between wafer and biscuit product from recipe point of view and equipment point of view? what methods are different in both and what kind of packaging machines difference. 
5 answers
dear all member and experts, to make the wafer winds better, we introduced this dripping system to apply a thin mist during winding process, we used a microfiber cloth and the dripping needle to apply water, it do help the winding but not consistence...
4 answers
Dear all , any wonder any courses provided for wafer roll process . We have issue of very fragile . Unwind at the end , and very fragile even tho stick well before cooling . We tried spray some mist on baked wafer sheet but still. Here's my batte...
6 answers
Hi , I'm looking for Rnd outsource , making low aw caramel or fruit jam filling . Application for wafers and biscuit 
4 answers
Hi  Please some one can explain to me the following mentioned areas for biscuits and wafer production , ideal relative humidity and temperature. 1. Fremantation Area  2. Packing Room for Chocolate Enrobed  3. trolley work- marshmallow & Cream...
7 answers
Hi  Please some one can explain the definition of Vanilla Wafers ? 
Wafer Floor
2 answers
Hi All Please can you tell me which kind of flour need for good quality wafer production ? can we used the same flour for biscuits or we need the different characteristics of flour  
3 answers
I have a 1980 model hebenstreit 30 plates oven. It was making wafer sheets which were undercooked in the middle. I tightened the 5 adjustment  screws on the top plate and that has disturbed calibration. Sheets are now of uneven thickness and parts of...
4 answers
Can any body suggest me the recipe of orange cream for sandwich wafer biscuit? 
2 answers
In wafer cooling tunnel how to avoid condensation and water droplets on wafer books during high humidity seasons ?
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