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Asked on 07.10.2018.

gluten free wafer problem


We produce a gluten free wafer with potato and corn starch in a ratio of 60% potato and 40% corn flour. The wafer sheet became hard, non-crisp and very chewy in the shelf life. In the same line we produce a wafer with 100% potato starch and that wafer in the shelf life is ok. Can you help me understand why it can happen? The differences are only : mixing of two flours and adding a burnt sugar in the wafer of the two flours.

Answered on 08.10.2018.

Could you please clarify:

Wafer 1:  60% potato starch, 40% corn flour and burnt sugar in the top of the finished baked wafer, is this correct?

Wafer 2:  100% potato starch. No other ingredient, not burnt sugar in the top. Is this correct?

Wafer 1 becomes though (chewy) during shelf life (how many weeks)

Wafer 2 showed no big changes in the shelf life (how many weeks)

During shelf life were they both packaged with the same quality film or packaging material? Were both storaged at the same environment atmosphere and temperature?

Answered on 09.10.2018.

Wafer 1: 60% potato starch, 40% corn flour and burnt sugar inside the batter .the wafer becomes though (chewy) during 2 month to 6 month shelf life .

Wafer 2: 100% potato starch. No other ingredient not burnt sugar inside the batter. the wafer are good after 12 months

The two wafers are baked in the same temperature: ~190C

Baking time is 2.4 min for sheet.

Amount of water in the recipe 40-45 Liter

The wafer has different packaging (wafer no.2 is packed with film bio pp40 and carton, wafer no.1 is packed with film bio pp 40 without carton).

the sorage parameters are the same.

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