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Asked on 11.11.2018.

wafer opening

Dear All,

Wafer layer opening happens after few days of production.

What is your suggestions?Thanks

Answered on 13.11.2018.

Hi Osman,

Sounds like moisture is migrating from the filling into the wafer.   This causes the wafer to expand and separate from the filling layers.   Do you have a conditioning tunnel as part of your process or do you store in a temp and humidity controlled environment before wrapping ?

If the wafers are chocolate coated you will see cracks appear in the chocolate if expansion is the problem.



Answered on 15.11.2018.

Cooling of the filling is usually performed by convection of cold air (at 10-12 ° C); Radiation cooling tunnels may also be used. Humidity should be kept as low as possible, since during cooling the relative humidity increases, which contributes to the absorption of moisture by the waffles. The cooled wafer stops should not leave the cooling chamber with a surface whose temperature is below the local dew point; otherwise moisture will be absorbed on the waffles, which can lead to the breaking off of the waffles from the filling.

Answered on 19.11.2018.

Hi Osman,

John provided already all the answers needed, I would like to add try and increase the moisture of your wafer coming out of the plate, meaning try not to overbake your wafer.

Answered on 23.11.2018.

Thank you very much for all answers.

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