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Asked on 12.04.2019.


Dear All Group Members 

Please can you advise which type of energy source is good for the wafer baking oven. As I know most of the time Gas is the best solution but it's really expensive in here .



Answered on 27.04.2019.

Dear Mr.Rasik

Since the machine is only with direct contact heat then you can try with Cobar gas or gassifier.  For gassifier additional investment will be required.  But in both cases the calorie value is less than LPG.  So It is difficult to get the savings.

Or design the burner for diesel and air and see how you can modify the machine for direct heat from these burners.  You need to custom made the burner with fuel Diesel and air.  It must be safe also.

Answered on 06.05.2019.

Dear Mr. Srinivasan 

Thanks for your reply , actually we already have 90 plates electrical one , but when I see the electrical consumption is too high . Do you know someone who can support to us , even for new line? 



Answered on 06.05.2019.

Dear Mr.Rasika

I have told one of our friends from Britannia.  If he could change I will share is no.  Let him work and tell me.

Answered on 12.09.2019.

Dear Mr. Srinivas

Please I need that person contact number , if you can 



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