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Danish Butter Cookies: Process and recipes

Danish Butter Cookies: Process and recipes

Danish Butter Cookies comprise five cookies, including deposited and rotary moulded cookies. They are made on dedicated lines with suitable forming, baking and packaging equipment

Danish Butter Cookies recipe

Product specifications and formulations

Swirl cookie

Swirl cookie

Figure 1: Swirl cookie

Dimensions: 50 x 45 mm
Thickness: 10.25 mm
Weight: 10 g

Recipe 1: Swirl cookie

Flour 100
Corn starch 7.352
Shortening 58.82
Butter 7.352
Sugar 41.174
Invert syrup 4.411
Milk powder 5.147
Egg white 1.47
Salt 0.735
Sodium bicarbonate 0.184
Vanilla flavour 0.184
Butter flavour 0.184
Water 14.7


Danish Butter Cookies Pretzel

Figure 2: Pretzel

Dimensions: 50 x 40 mm
Thickness:   9.75 mm
Weight: 7.5 g

Recipe 2: Pretzel

Flour 100
Butter fat 41.667
Icing sugar 20.833
Granulated sugar 14.167
Soya flour 4.167
Sodium bicarbonate 0.083
Salt 0.667
Water at 20°C 14.167
Egg wash 10.833
Sugar topping 17.5

Vanilla cookie

Vanilla cookie Danish Butter Cookies

Figure 3: Vanilla cookie

Dimensions: 50 x 40 mm
Thickness: 10.25 mm
Weight: 10 g

Recipe 3: Vanilla cookies

Flour, weak 100
Butter fat 47.619
Icing sugar 23.809
Granulated sugar 14.286
Soya flour 1.428
Salt 0.762
Vanilla flavour 0.219
Water at 20°C 17.143

Coconut and currant cookies

Coconut and currant cookies Danish Butter Cookies

Figure 4: Coconut and currant cookies

Dimensions: 47 mm diam.
Thickness: 9.25 mm
Weight: 8 g

Recipe 4: Coconut and currant cookies

Flour 100
Butter fat 43.478
Icing sugar 30.435
Granulated sugar 21.739
Soya meal 1.3
Desiccated coconut 10.435
Currants 4
Sodium bicarbonate 0.348
Salt 0.696
Water at 20°C 19.13

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies Danish Butter

Figure 5: Chocolate chip cookies

Dimensions: 50 mm diam.
Thickness: 9.25 mm
Weight: 10 g

Recipe 5: Chocolate chip cookies

Flour 100
Shortening 29.607
Sugar 37.16
High fructose corn syrup 26.435
Corn syrup 7.563
Molasses 0.755
Eggs, powdered 2.719
Vanilla, powdered 0.273
Butter flavour 0.325
Sodium bicarbonate 1.597
Salt 1.373
Baking powder 1.092
Ice 6.949
Choc chips 22.659


The cookies are made on a single production line with typically a 1.0 m x 30 m oven with a steel band. A major supplier is Haas-Meincke, part of the Haas Group, which is now a member of the Bühler Group.


The doughs are mixed on a planetary mixer with cream up a process for 5 minutes followed by the addition of flour and eggs in two stages. The doughs are cold (16°C).


The forming equipment has a rotary moulder, wire-cut and swirl depositor arranged in the line to deposit the cookies in a pre-arranged pattern for baking. The equipment is arranged as follows:

1. The rotary moulder produces the rectangular vanilla cookie and pretzel
2. Wash-over unit with brush applying egg wash to dough pieces only
3. Sugar topper applying sugar to the top of the dough pieces only, by a 100 mm diameter roll with holes approx. 8 mm diam. Pneumatic system can be employed to recover excess sugar
4. Swirl depositor
5. Wire-cut depositor for coconut and currant cookies and chocolate chip.

The forming machines are arranged to produce 20 rows on the oven band to give 4 sets of 5 products.


Baking time: 7.5 mins.
Temperatures: 250°C – 190°C
Steel baking band


Refrigerated cooling to 5°C before packing


Danish Butter Cookies Packaging


Butter Biscuits

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Recipes and process data from Glyn Barry Sykes

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