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Biscuit Blog

Girl Scout Cookies: Empowering Young New Adventurers
What makes these specific cookies so special? Who are the girl scouts and what is their mission?
The Vegan Trend: How and Why
The difference between veganism and vegetarianism and the impact veganism has on the biscuit industry.
The Story of Cookie Monster: Origin and Interesting Facts
Learn about his origin, interesting facts, quotes, and songs. Also, bake cookies just like his!
Biscuit Tins
Biscuit tins are decorative containers used worldwide. Learn about tins history and biscuit recipes. Also, do you know why people store sewing kits in...
A Quick Cookie Jar History and Trivia
The article talks about cookie jars, cookie jar history, and origin, cookie jar types, novelties, uses and trivia with facts.
Pumpkin spice biscuits
Pumpkin spice, or pumpkin pie spice as it was originally called, is an American spice mix commonly used as an ingredient in pumpkin pie.
Dunking Biscuits: Practice Makes Perfect
Dunking is pure art and the thing that separates a cup of tea from other beverages. The experts say dunking biscuits is a three-step process.
The Short History of Oreo Cookies
Oreo, the ultimate dunkin' cookies for many biscuit lovers out there.
Easter Cookies
Are you preparing any traditional sweet treats for this Easter? We don't usually look for an occasion to indulge in delicious cookies, but it's always...
Marie biscuit, a simple pleasure that rules the world
Marie has a light, crisp, delicate texture with pale colour and clear smooth surface. Typically, it has a clear printing on the smooth surface which d...
History of saffron and its use in baking
This ingredient is not among first ones you think of when baking, but it's used quite often – especially in certain regions of the globe.
Christmas Cookies from All Around Europe
One of the most appealing things about the holidays is the food. So, we want to present you some of the Christmas cookies and the countries of their o...
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