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Biscuit Blog

Love Goes Through the Stomach: Surprise Cookies for Valentine's Day
Brands are designing Valentine's day cookies and there are many homemade recipes so pick yours and surprise your loved ones
Losing weight and staying in shape while eating biscuits? It is possible!
There are many fit biscuits in stock: oatmeal biscuits, protein bars, crackers ... Read, learn, and eat guilt-free!
Christmas Cookies from All Around Europe
Each country is specific to a particular type of biscuits that are made there for Christmas, and we will introduce them to you in this article.
Spice Up Your Life and Biscuits: Spices Guide and Health Benefits
Spice your food and cookies! Food without spices is tasteless.
Food Safety Briefing 2020: Food Safety Challenges
Are you concerned with food safety issues? Wish to hear what the experts have to say about them?
The Most Unusual Cookies in the World
There are thousands of cookie types in the world. Not only usual chocolate etc. but also cookies with chili, bacon, rosewater…
Millennials and their Consumer Culture
Millennials? Biscuit industry? What do these things have in common? Read-on to find out how the millennial workforce sets the trends.
Non-GMO Food: GMO and the Impact it has on the Industry
More and more companies are baking organic biscuits, and they pride themselves on this fact.
What Are We Going to Eat? Colors Will Make a Decision for Us!
Colors and food are connected – it affects our feelings and moods. Colors help us make a decision about what will we eat.
The History of the Biscuit in the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages
Itching to learn something new about biscuits and their history? Read on to find out interesting tid-bits about their development in ancient and medie...
“Free-from” Food: The How and Why
Find out more about the newest trend in the biscuit industry.
Superfoods: In a healthy body – healthy mind!
Have you heard of a superfoods that can boost energy, solve health problems, and help lose weight?
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