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Biscuit Blog

The Story of Cookie Monster: Origin and Interesting Facts
Learn about his origin, interesting facts, quotes, and songs. Also, bake cookies just like his!
Top 13 German Cookies: German and Christmas Favorites
Germany is a country that loves its biscuits. The proof of this is the large catalog of different biscuits this Central European country offers. Altho...
Top 13 British Biscuits: Pick Your Afternoon Tea Partner
British biscuits are one of the most popular in the world due to its tradition of dunking into tea. Shortbread biscuits that bring luck to brides, Bou...
Loveliest “Bikkies” from the Down Under: Top 9 Australian Biscuits
Australia is a country characterized by its uniqueness – with unique animals, the longest coral reef ecosystem, being the only country that is simulta...
Ingredients for biscuits: Nutritional Values, Types and Categories
The main ingredients for biscuit types, the ones we can't usually go without, are flour, sugars, and fats. Stay with us through this article and learn...
Kerry Highlights Top Flavours For Innovation in 2022 Global Taste Charts
Kerry’s Global Taste Charts for 2022 predict the top new flavours for the coming year, as well as profiling mainstream and key tastes. Taste trends ar...
Boost Your Immunity With Tremendous Mushroom Cookies
Beta-glucan found in mushrooms improves your health. Learn more about the immune system, mushrooms and find ingredients for unusual cookies.
Trendy Plant-Based Proteins in Biscuit Industry
Biscuit manufacturers have incorporated legumes, peanuts, algae, almonds, whole grains, and more into their products as consumers have become more con...
Top 5 spicy cookies for Saint Nicholas Day
A short piece about Saint Nicholas' inspiring life, as well as biscuits made for the special day.
Top Trends in 2022 for Biscuits: Upcycling in the Biscuit Industry
We all know that in this day and age, talking about climate change and ecological issues has become an omnipresent occurrence. Actually, the topic isn...
World Brought You Some Pretty Good Cookies
If you like to travel and also like to eat cookies this article is your meant to be! Enjoy reading about the most famous cookies around the world.
The Right Bite: The Hottest Biscuits Trends in 2021!
In your hectic lifestyle, find the right bite! Discover how industries achieve success through marketing and adaptation to changing trends.
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