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Biscuit Blog

History of saffron and its use in baking
This ingredient is not among first ones you think of when baking, but it's used quite often – especially in certain regions of the globe.
Christmas Cookies from All Around Europe
One of the most appealing things about the holidays is the food. So, we want to present you some of the Christmas cookies and the countries of their o...
The Sweet, the Salty, and the Goodness
Taste is the sensation produced when a substance in the mouth reacts chemically with taste receptor cells located on taste buds in the oral cavity.
Gingerbread Men: How Did They Come to Life
“And I had but one penny in the world. Thou should’st have it to buy gingerbread.” – William Shakespeare, Love’s Labours Lost The Brothers Grimm wrot...
History Lesson: Cookies Were Created by Accident
So are many other great things for which we are grateful, but somehow, we specially thank the cooks who created cookies. A long time ago, they used a...
Biscuit Rituals: What’s Your Favorite One?
In Marcel Proust’s novel In Search of Lost Time, one of the childhood memories sets in while the author is eating a madeleine dunked in hot tea. Let’s...
It’s Movie Time: When Biscuits Take the Lead Role
Biscuits are often seen in various movie scenes, so we decided to discuss the most memorable ones.
When Kids Ask for Biscuits, Feel Free to Give Them One
Not all biscuits are bad for kids’ teeth, and not every chocolate-covered snack will make them want to skip lunch.
Biscuits and Tea – The Art of Indulgence
When talking about tea breaks, we have to admit – nobody does it better than the British. Their average household eats up to 103 packets of biscuits a...
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